Raising the Bar

Whether it’s making sure the right parcels are on the right trucks at a Spanish delivery firm, verifying delivery status at 38,000 US Postal Service facilities or tracking snow removal equipment at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport, you’re likely to find an image-based data collection solution from HHP on-hand and in-hand to speed and ease the workload. In fact, HHP is the second largest supplier of mobile and wireless handheld computers in the world.
When the New-York based HHP wanted to streamline its own operations, it turned to SAP and Osprey, a certified SAP Business Partner and Vertical Solutions Reseller (VSR). With sales and/or service centers in the US, England, the Netherlands, Asia and Latin America, HHP wanted to build a global system infrastructure as a foundation to support its corporate growth objectives.
Having doubled in size over the last three years – and anticipating that growth rate would continue over the next few years – the new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution would also have to be adaptable to accommodate future expansion. HHP chose Osprey’s Quickstart Electronics solution, a qualified pre-packaged mySAP All-in-One solution for high-tech manufacturing companies.

“We’re a small company in the automated data collection industry and our biggest challenge was to put an infrastructure in place to support our growth objectives,” says HHP’s SAP Implementation Manager Tim Peterson. “Traditionally, a lot of companies our size couldn’t dedicate the resources or funds necessary to successfully implement a best-of-breed ERP application like SAP. The Quickstart solution changed all that by providing a more economical, feasible solution for a small or midsize business to implement and sustain.”
Quickstart addresses the unique needs of high-tech manufacturers today. The comprehensive solution supports the entire quote-to-cash cycle, addressing complex engineering and manufacturing processes, such as quality control, costing, and sales of configurable products.
The pre-packaged solution and Quickstart approach made implementation faster than traditional ERP implementations. In fact, HHP’s solution moved from blueprint to testing in just 13 weeks. “It was really the most cost-effective and timely way for us to go,” says Peterson.

Best Practices reduce risks

To build a global business platform for growth, HHP worked with Osprey consultants, who installed the Quickstart solution, personalized it and guided HHP throughout the entire implementation project.
HHP wanted to meet existing business requirements without adding complex functionality that would make the new system hard to learn and use. Reducing the risks inherent with any new implementation was also key.
To accomplish this, HHP leveraged SAP Best Practices for the electronics industry, embedded within the Quickstart solution. Taking advantage of existing application functionality made streamlining global business process flows and procedures easier and faster. This approach also minimized custom interfaces between business functions that can make global integration a kludgy, elongated exercise while accelerating time to benefit and reducing risks.
“About half of the functionality we needed was already available within the Quickstart solution,” says Peterson. “This really sped up the design and build phase of the implementation. We were able to leverage the highest amount of pre-configured functionality at the lowest cost for a low-risk, rapid implementation based on best practices for our industry.”
To prepare for the design phase and further reduce risks, HHP addressed some potential pitfalls around data collection and team-building that can derail any ERP project. To avoid these implementation hazards, HHP set master data standards, mapping and cleansing data to lay the groundwork for implementing consistent, efficient processes worldwide.
They also put a core internal team in place, dedicated to communicating, managing and streamlining change across the company. “These are really critical factors in a successful implementation, but they often get left behind,” Peterson explains.

Quickstart cuts time and costs

Phase 1 called for aging, unsupported legacy systems to be replaced across all five implementation sites. In their place, Osprey and HHP worked together to implement mySAP All-in-One solutions for sales and distribution, materials management, production planning, financials, cost accounting, quality management, customer service, engineering and change management, project systems and customer relationship management (CRM) for approximately 400 end users.
Leveraging the Quickstart solution, system design was completed within just eight weeks. Within another 13 weeks, the solution was ready for integration testing.
“That’s an accelerated timeframe,” Peterson says. “We drove through the design, configuration and testing phases quickly and would not have been able to do that without the pre-configured, Quickstart solution. The Quickstart approach reduced our risks, sped up the implementation cycle and reduced the overall cost of the implementation.”

Rolling out results

The Quickstart solution went live successfully in October, 2003, amidst an all-time high in order volumes. “We were able to process orders and build and ship products from day one, even during a period of record bookings for the company,” Peterson says. “Now, five months later, we have a stable systems infrastructure in place to support our growth.”
Today, HHP is leveraging additional opportunities within the mySAP All-in-One suite and has identified nearly 50 initiatives for the future. These include expanding the CRM solution to extend online ordering capabilities to customers and an SAP Business Warehouse solution for easier access to cross-functional data. Also being considered are workflow solutions and a variant configurator to simplify the sales process for highly configurable products.
“These are all very important in the electronics industry,” Peterson says. “As we begin to incorporate this advanced functionality, we’ll really add value to the organization and increase the return on our mySAP All-in-One investment.”
The Quickstart Electronics solution can be up and running in as short a time as eight weeks for an investment of as little as $400,000. To learn more about Quickstart:
Contact Osprey at +1-800-9-OSPREY; call Vikram Kaul, Vice President, at +1-704-943-7610; or visit www.ospreyus.com.
Visit the mySAP All-in-One Solutions Web Site at: http://www.sap.com/solutions/smb/allinone/prepackagedsolutions/electronics.asp
Link to the video, “HHP: Getting Closer to the Customer” to learn more about this implementation at: http://www.sap.com/solutions/smb/allinone/customersuccess/hhproducts.asp

Susan Twombly
Susan Twombly