Any more bids?….Going, going, gone!

Over the last few years, the auction platform eBay has gone from strength to strength. Some eBay “power sellers” and eBay sales representatives have carved out astonishingly successful careers for themselves in this sector. As sole traders or small businesses, they sell goods on eBay that they have acquired cheaply abroad or from bankruptcy proceedings, either at their own risk or on behalf of business or private customers. This target group now needs cutting-edge, powerful, flexible and cost-effective standard business-management software like SAP Business One. They also need to be able to list goods directly on eBay from the SAP SMB solution. “Our idea with eWiBO (which stands for eBay Wizard for SAP Business One) was to program an eBay interface to SAP Business One,” explains Bojana Berginc, Managing Director of SAP Business Partner DeNISys.

Auction action

She goes on to explain: “eWiBO is aimed not only at eBay power sellers and eBay sales representatives, but also at small traders who are already selling their goods in conventional shops or by mail order and want to use eBay as an alternative future sales channel.” The interface enables goods located in SAP Business One to be posted on eBay quickly, conveniently and without media changes. Sellers or companies can list goods from SAP Business One on the auction platform with just a few clicks of the mouse, says Berginc. According to DeNISys, eWiBO automatically names and describes the goods from the stock of master data in SAP Business One.
The software also ensures that only goods that are in stock are listed. The articles listed on the auction platform are reserved for this in advance so that they cannot be sold beforehand via other channels. When the goods are then put up for auction, companies can use the categories and layouts provided by eBay. The add-on also automatically displays the charges incurred for posting goods for auction, which allows the seller to monitor the costs at all times.
“It was very important to us that the add-on should also support the after-sales process,” says Bojana Berginc. After an auction has taken place, the interface automatically locates the data of the successful bidder and creates master customer records and an order in SAP Business One.

Automating processes

The final version of the tool should also control the automatic dispatch of invoices by e-mail, automated or semi-automated reconciliation of incoming payments with unpaid items, dispatch management and the calculation of commission. It also ensures accurate accounting when posting transactions. “eWiBO largely automates routine processes,” says Bojana Berginc, summing up. “This saves time after the actual sale, giving individual sellers and SMBs time for other tasks and increasing their productivity.”
She explains that the key benefits for traders lie in being able to use SAP Business One not just for the sales process at the point of sale and in the dispatch but also for the eBay sales process itself. All data relevant to the accounting is then brought together in the SAP SMB solution.
“When we were developing the interface, we also included features in the add-on solution that allow SMBs to analyze auctions from different points of view,” says Berginc. Users can determine top and flop articles and analyze sales and profits over a specified period. The Drag&Relate function and the flexible Inquiry Wizard in SAP Business One make the possibilities almost endless. DeNISys, which is based in Schwerte, is confident that the system has a strong edge over the competition, because the sales tools currently on the market offer only very unsatisfactory solutions to this problem.

Up for auction in just a few minutes

DeNISys developed the interface using the Software Development Kit (SDK). This means users can access the database of the SAP SMB solution easily and work with the familiar graphical user interface. System prerequisites are: A correctly installed and configured SAP Business One license and, for the add-on solution, the free .NET runtime environment from Microsoft. “We will install this ourselves when introducing the add-on,” confirms Bojana Berginc. The add-on itself is installed and configured in just a few minutes, and Berginc expressly points out that “with authorization from SAP, we can also offer SAP Business One and eWiBO for sole traders with just one license.”
Other SAP business partners will receive attractive partner conditions from DeNISys for selling eWiBO. However, DeNISys does not want to name a concrete price for the add-on. Initially, an introductory phase is planned with several pilot users and the solution will be priced based on the experience gained from this. “The price will be made up of a one-off license fee, a small fixed charge per article listed and care and maintenance costs,” says Berginc. The DeNISys Managing Director is also keen to stress: “With our add-on, SMBs that use SAP Business One will in future have a fast, lucrative additional sales channel that can be installed with minimum outlay.”

Dr. Andreas Schaffry
Dr. Andreas Schaffry