itelligence AG Appointed SAP Special Expertise Partner Product Lifecycle Management

itelligence’s admission to the select group of SAP Special Expertise Partners is primarily owed to the successful implementation of mySAP PLM at customers such as DEUTZ AG, SIEGENIA-AUBI, IVM Automotive and Axima Refrigeration. The new partner status means that SAP will recommend itelligence AG as a particularly qualified partner for PLM customer projects. Says Dr. Hans-Joachim Langen, Head of Product Life-Cycle Management at itelligence AG: “Our appointment as Special Expertise Partner confirms SAP’s confidence in our expertise as the leading consulting firm for mySAP PLM in Germany. We have successfully proven our special know-how of document management, CAD integration, variant configuration, project system and modification services in several customer projects.”
itelligence AG is among the SAP Partners with the largest number of qualifications and Special Expertise Partnerships in the SAP environment. These include the Special Expertise Partnership Exchange Infrastructure awarded in July 2004. Back in 2003, itelligence was already appointed Special Expertise Partner SAP Enterprise Portal and mySAP Supplier Relationship Management (mySAP SRM) as well as SAP Global Services Partner.

Source: itelligence