Walking the Walk

Addmore Personnel is one of Canada’s most successful recruitment agencies. Founded in 1992, the firm specializes in providing candidates skilled in enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM) and supply chain management (SCM) solutions. With a specific focus on SAP expertise, Addmore’s database includes over 8,000 qualified SAP resources. But making that expertise stand out in a market flooded with large staffing agencies offering general IT talent was Addmore’s biggest challenge.
Addmore knew it could prove the value of the expertise by “walking the walk” – moving beyond just talking about the merits of hiring true SAP experts. They wanted to walk a mile in their customers’ shoes and use an SAP-based solution to run their own business.
“We needed to better align ourselves with the companies running SAP that had a need for SAP talent,” says Addmore President Hylton Maizels. “We wanted to set ourselves apart by saying: We’re in the same situation you are, we understand your issues because we’ve dealt with them ourselves.”
To prove its point, Addmore chose a pre-configured solution for services companies from IDS Scheer Canada, a fixed cost and timeline mySAP All-in-One solution. Having worked with IDS Scheer for years, Addmore chose them to manage the entire SAP implementation.
“We’ve always had a lot of trust in the IDS people we work with, they’re good, solid individuals. They understand our business needs very well and have viable knowledge of industry best practices for service providers. So, the expertise they provide from a process perspective is invaluable,” Maizels says. “Although they’re a large global organization, IDS maintains an SMB entrepreneurial mentality. They really understand how a small organization operates.”
Now in place for two years, has the mySAP All-in-One solution helped Addmore build the credibility it needs to compete? “Without question,” says Maizels. “As an SAP user, we can ‘walk the walk’ and ‘talk the talk’ and really relate to the needs of our F500 customers and prospects. When they hear we actually use SAP to run our own business, we earn an added level of credibility in their eyes.”

Adding more for less cost

IDS provided a total solution, from blueprint to go-live support. IDS consultants started by gaining a clear understanding of Addmore’s needs from both a business and user perspective, then managed the hardware, software and SAP basis implementation and trained Addmore employees – all within just 20 days.
IDS’s pre-configured mySAP All-in-One solution, which is tailored to SMB service providers, kept implementation time to a minimum. “We were able to leverage a tried-and-tested solution that’s mature and virtually foolproof,” says Maizels.
More importantly, continues Maizels, IDS took responsibility for the entire implementation, from providing direction, project management and expertise through to support. “As a result, we were able to focus on our business with no interruptions. Our go-live date came and went and there was nothing to really worry about. It was a very simple experience. With IDS as our implementation partner, there were very few concerns.”
The IDS solution also helped Addmore minimize implementation costs, something which is always an important factor for SMBs. “An SAP solution is not as costly to implement as people may think,” Maizels says. “In fact, we had an incredibly low-cost implementation. IDS offered a total solution at a fixed price, so we knew exactly what our costs were going to be.”

Adding more financial control

The mySAP All-in-One applications include solutions for financial control (profitability analysis by customer and cost center accounting), as well as sales and distribution (invoicing and billing). Drawing on their industry expertise, IDS consultants helped Addmore leverage these solutions to streamline business processes.
For example, as a service provider, accurate project visibility and tracking are a must. Addmore must supply its customers with timely reports and must be ready to be audited at any time by its customers.
“We need to be very diligent in every financial transaction that takes place. Compliance has become a big thing in the industry, even for small organizations like ours,” explains Maizels. “From a process perspective, everything we do needs to be logged and tracked. SAP makes that easy and set us up for proper auditing and reporting.”
IDS also streamlines IT support, and the costs involved. For an annual maintenance fee to IDS, Addmore gets on-going user support.

Adding more for the future

The mySAP All-in-One solution from IDS also positions the company for growth – important to a firm that’s expanded about 300 percent over the last two years. Since initial implementation, IDS upgraded the solution to SAP 4.7 in just four days, then implemented a cash management application within the mySAP All-in-One suite.
Today, Addmore is exploring the merits of sharing a web-based front-end to SAP time and expense applications with its customers. Addmore consultants working at a customer site could track time and expenses on-line, eliminating a series of time-consuming, repetitive and error-prone manual processes, while fortifying customer relationships at the same time.
“Web-enabled and shared SAP All-in-One applications could prove to be a big differentiator for us,” Maizels says. “Such a high level of integration with our customers would be very difficult for our competitors to duplicate.”
Expanding the solution is a very simple matter of calling IDS and leveraging the flexibility of the SAP suite. “mySAP All-in-One grows with us and it’s easy to bring new applications on board,” Maizels says. “IDS looks at our business on an on-going basis to determine what solutions will truly add value for us. So, we never stagnate, we stay at the forefront of technology, continually improve processes and leverage the right solutions to drive our business forward for the future.”
For more information on mySAP All-in-One solutions from IDS Scheer, visit: http://www.sap.com/solutions/smb/allinone/prepackagedsolutions/ids_works.asp

Susan Twombly
Susan Twombly