IDS Scheer Presents Version 3.2 of its Process Mining Software ARIS PPM

Thanks to optimized portal integration and improved overall performance, companies will now be able to provide their top decision makers with data relating to complex internal processes and structures in the form of aggregated KPIs (key performance indicators). With ARIS PPM 3.2, IDS Scheer is thus responding to the future concepts put forward by leading IT analysts in terms of Corporate Performance Management (CPM) and Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) as foundations for sustained corporate success. With real time monitoring of ongoing business processes (process controlling), ARIS PPM bridges the gap between corporate strategy and operational execution for the first time.
Using ARIS PPM it is now possible to automatically access, measure and visualize data and process key performance indicators during operation. The software automatically calculates the process key performance indicators needed by managers (for example throughput times) from live data – a unique feature of this software from IDS Scheer.
The current release 3.2 is predominantly based on customer requirements from existing projects with major corporations. These customers place great emphasis on the integration of the “performance cockpit” generated by ARIS PPM into existing portal environments. This performance cockpit is a clear representation of important key performance indicators and workflows, designed to resemble a speedometer. Managers and IT co-ordinators can use this speedometer to query the status of relevant processes at any time, and even scrutinize their content. Thanks to patented process mining technology, the system breaks down aggregated key performance indicators (KPIs) into their individual sources and thus provides important recommendations for actions to quickly eliminate acute problems.
Due to the sustained success of projects using ARIS PPM, numerous customers have now expanded the scope of ARIS PPM from individual departments to entire business units. As a result, the quantities of data to be processed have increased drastically. ARIS PPM had to be quickly adapted to deal with these new requirements. Release 3.2 represents a high-performance and extremely powerful application architecture (master server / slave server), which allows up to 64 servers to be combined to handle the process data. “ARIS PPM completely removes the need for time-consuming and therefore costly manual analysis of structures and processes in a company. We generate the current actual processes in the company fully automatically and visualize them in a clear management cockpit, regardless of the volume of data and the source system that data comes from”, explained Dr. Wolfram Jost, Member of the Executive Board and Head of the Product Division at IDS Scheer AG, to summarize the benefits of ARIS PPM 3.2 for customers.

Source: IDS Scheer