NIBCO Implements Kaba Benzing B-COMM Time and Labor System

“We successfully used B-COMM for SAP solutions in our Reynosa, Mexico plant as a pilot program for our U.S. manufacturing locations,” reports Ron Kurz, Corporate Human Resources Manager for NIBCO. “Since we went live with our implementation in Mexico in 2003, we used what we learned to bring two manufacturing facilities and two distribution centers online simultaneously with B-COMM in the United States in 2004. We will also be implementing B-COMM in our remaining eight U.S. facilities in the remainder of 2004 and 2005.”
B-COMM time and attendance/labor reporting software for the SAP R/3 software solution links Kaba Benzing terminals and other hardware data devices to SAP R/3 Enterprise. It automates and validates the collection of employee and labor data for entry into mySAP Human Resources (mySAP HR), the time management application, and other SAP applications. “NIBCO was looking for a fully-certified front end solution that would last, because the company plans on using SAP as its enterprise software into the future,” reports John Edwards, President and General Manager of Kaba Benzing America. “Only B-COMM for SAP met their needs, offering the seamless integration, broad functionality and robustness NIBCO required.”
The core of the B-COMM software is an SAP-certified interface that helps ensure faultless data exchange between the individual SAP applications and the data collection devices. This interface is kept current with all new SAP solution technical developments. All data maintenance takes place in the SAP solution. Kaba Benzing has 900 such installations throughout the world. NIBCO, the server and database are located in Elkhart, Ind., is using Oracle as its B-COMM database. The multilingual B-COMM is being first used at NIBCO’s Reynosa plant with plans to expand its use to other remote locations. Workers in the Reynosa facility use ten Kaba Benzing B-9580 touchscreen terminals and HID proximity badges to clock in and out for the workday as well as for lunch and breaks during the day. B-COMM additionally records meal tickets to generate payment to the cafeteria vendor. The terminals withstand the extreme temperatures of a foundry operating in Mexico.

Source: Kaba Benzing