SAP ON TOUR Gets off to a Flying Start

“The chance to take a closer look at the SAP SMB offering and the SAP Business One business software came at the perfect time for us. We are in the process of comparing different ERP packages to find the one best suited to us. I found this SAP ON TOUR event relaxed and very informative,” reported Nitesh Seth, Manager of Hamburg-based Seth GmbH, which operates in the textile industry.
Klaus-J. George of Harrislee-based American Danceware George & Co, a small trading company selling products for dance and ballet schools over the whole of Germany, agreed. “We are in the middle of a market evaluation regarding the implementation of a new application software. That’s why I wanted to get to know SAP Business One, try working with it and establish contacts with SAP. I know more now. I found the product show and the information on the SAP SMB portfolio extremely useful.”

Informative series of events

The presentations were delivered in compact form in a show truck, starting in the late afternoon at five p.m. and running until 8.30 p.m. Dr. Michael Schmitt, director of SMB operations at SAP Germany , outlined SAP’s SMB strategy and explained how the mySAP All-in-One and SAP Business One solutions can benefit SMBs, helping them optimize their business processes. “Our solutions aim to help SMBs take pole position,” he underlined, “and you can take us at our word.”
Information on SAP Business One was provided by Raisdorf-based SAP Business One Partner Vater Syscon. Concrete business scenarios were used to highlight both SAP Business One’s individual components and its integration capabilities. Managing Director Holger Ritter explained how Hamburg-based IT security specialist Drynet GmbH uses SAP Business One in practice. He described the requirements, the reasons for choosing the SAP software, and the benefits the SAP Business One application brings. Four users have been working with SAP Business One at Drynet since last September.

In a relaxed atmosphere

Participants were then able to enjoy a bite and a cool drink in the relaxed surroundings of the marquee beside the truck, where they had the opportunity to enter into deeper discussions on the topics with SAP experts and consultants – an opportunity that was enthusiastically taken up. Driving enthusiasts among the crowd were also able to demonstrate their driving skills in the Formula 1 simulator in the show truck. In summary, the SAP ON TOUR events series got off to a thoroughly successful start.

Information on the SAP show truck

The SAP show truck is a special promotional truck which has been converted and resprayed for SAP ON TOUR. It has a total length of 16 meters. Its breadth can be extended up to 13.5 meters, providing an internal presentation space of 75 square meters. The SAP show truck is equipped with lighting, a sound system and a variety of presentation equipment. Three networked workstations running SAP Business One are available. The seated presentation room is designed to hold around 75 people. The truck cab comes from Freightliner.

Gottfried Welz
Gottfried Welz