Synactive Introduces GuiXT Mobile

“Building off the success of our GuiXT RF offering, GuiXT Mobile is certain to be a huge hit by allowing users access to SAP from the shop floor. What an exciting use of technology!” says Keith Limnell, Synactive’s Director of Software Development. In recent months, Steelscape Incorporated, deployed GuiXT RF to help increase business and cost efficiencies across its SAP warehouse management operations, with access from almost anywhere. Similarly, GuiXT Mobile will allow an organization’s widespread workforce to access all SAP applications utilizing the latest mobile technology, with minimal or no additional development. As GuiXT RF is designed to integrate RF equipment, for example Mobile Data Entry, to SAP R/3 via SAP Console, GuiXT Mobile is designed to operate natively on Pocket PCs and Windows CE devices by use of Wi-Fi technology, allowing Web Dynpro (SAP R/3 screens) to be displayed directly on mobile devices – enabling users to have a similar business process experience as if accessing SAP R/3 from a desktop.
“Imagine a sales person on travel receiving an unexpected phone call from a client indicating an urgent need for 5.000 switches,” explains Thomas Ewe, CEO, Synactive. “The sales person simply accesses the warehouse inventory log from his PDA device, places the order for immediate shipping, and submits the appropriate information for billing. All this is accomplished by having full access into the whole of SAP R/3, without any custom code.” GuiXT Mobile is a non-intrusive solution that extends what is available in SAP R/3. Organizations will utilize the same proven technologies in standard SAP R/3 and the native SAP protocol, with no additional layers of middleware, or ABAP programming. GuiXT Mobile streamlines the flow of real-time information between the field and the SAP R/3 system, allowing organizations with mobile workforces to maximize the productivity of workers in the field, reduce cost, and boost customer satisfaction. “GuiXT Mobile is a major development for the mobile business industry at large. It will provide a true level of flexibility to distributed users, streamlining the SAP automation process,” said Thomas. “We expect significant acceleration in adoption of this product.”

Source: Synactive