Cultivating an Organic Foods Business

Kibbutz Harduf, a collective farm in the lower Galilee, is a friendly place, for both people and the planet. The residents, a broadly diverse group, live ecology-driven lives. Here you’ll find a vegetarian restaurant, a school of environmental studies, seminars on alternative medicine, and 250 acres of farmland cultivated with environmentally friendly materials. “Harduf” is the Hebrew word for the oleander, a flower that grows in a variety of vivid colors.
The Kibbutz is also home to Harduf Organics, which produces and distributes organic foods including breads, dairy items, tofu, pastas, rice, sugar, vegetables, and eggs. Harduf Organics is controlled by T’nuva, one of Israel’s leading dairy companies. And just as Harduf Organics products are first-class, its managers are determined that its IT must be first-rate too. So to ensure efficiency, the company implemented SAP Business One.

The challenge

“We needed an information system with better control than our traditional bookkeeping system,” said Itzik Sibony, chief financial officer of Harduf Organics. “SAP Business One was just right for our size, activities and needs, while the cost met our budget allocation.” Harduf Organics found itself working with several large distributors, each with its own software. “We particularly needed an intelligent report generator that would collect data from a variety of source information systems and then analyze and display it for efficient review by management,” Sibony says.

The solution

Enter Pointech, which customizes sophisticated research, business intelligence and analysis solutions for small and medium-sized businesses and organizations. Pointech developed a business intelligence system, accessible from SAP Business One menus, that reports, graphs, and analyzes data. The system displays all data that are available for analysis in the system, organized as multi-dimensional blocks. This intuitive system enables users to drag and drop information and build focused reports and graphs. Employing the leading business intelligence tools, the system gives an enterprise a comprehensive solution for analyzing and researching its data.
Flexibility is a hallmark of SAP Business One. “A clear advantage of SAP Business One is our ability to easily augment the system with off-the-shelf applications, such as Cognos,” Sibony says. “This enhances the ability to produce management information and to significantly expand the databases.”
Pointech, Sibony says, “truly revolutionized our information systems. Pointech’s solution, driven by SAP Business One, has given us superior control of sales and expenses as well as much faster response time to customers. All our SAP Business One users, myself included, get the most up-to-date views of the company’s situation.”

The future

One prominent management theory says that an organization is composed of sub-units. As the units and the parent cooperate more efficiently, the entire organization becomes more efficient. In turn, to run processes at their most efficient, an entire organization must operate within the same environment.
Harduf created the processes to produce and distribute healthy and tasty organic food. Pointech applied SAP Business One to Harduf, giving the company an efficient uniform environment in which to operate.