Dr. Th. Böhme KG Opts for SAP

The SAP environment will initially be used by 130 employees at the mid-size enterprise, which is based in Geretsried near Munich, Germany. The solution replaces a variety of legacy applications and databases. TDS introduced the SAP software using its myTDS.Chemie industry-specific template, and will operate it at its Neckarsulm data center. In 2005, Böhme and TDS plan to roll out the new solution to the chemical company’s international sites.
The SAP platform will replace a heterogeneous landscape that includes over 15 different databases. The goal is to establish an integrated, enterprise-wide environment with a consistent data pool. This will enable Böhme to eliminate point solutions and redundancies, significantly reducing the number of interfaces and administrative overhead.

Rapid implementation with an industry-specific template

Böhme’s SAP system is based on myTDS.Chemie, the industry-specific template developed by TDS to meet the requirements of mid-sized chemicals companies. This draws on TDS’s hands-on experience of implementing and hosting SAP solutions for this sector. myTDS.Chemie delivers preconfigured, integrated, ready-to-run core processes and tools, helping mid-sized enterprises to accelerate implementation. The template enabled Böhme’s existing processes to be quickly and easily modeled within the SAP system, harmonized, and adapted to specific requirements.
“The chemistry between Böhme and TDS is right,” states Bernd Holzhauer, CFO of Dr. Th. Böhme KG. “The main reasons we opted for TDS were their knowledge of the chemical industry, and their understanding of mid-size enterprises’ needs. The fact that TDS delivers one-stop, end-to-end services for SAP software was another important factor: TDS not only offers consulting and licenses, but also operates our solution.”

Source: TDS Informationstechnologie AG