Hit Aces with SAP Business One

The Israel Tennis Center is exactly what the name suggests – the country’s leading provider of tennis activities and services, including competitions and courses with professional trainers. As a public organization, the ITC also hosts morning educational programs in cooperation with local school districts. In addition, the ITC sponsors programs for people with special needs, such as those with physical handicaps, hearing loss and autism.
Headquartered in the Tel Aviv suburb of Ramat ha’Sharon, the center operates 13 branches throughout Israel, from Arad in the south to Qiryat Shemona in the north. Tennis is quite popular in Israel, and demand for the ITC’s services and activities is so strong that the center has to operate in shifts.

The challenge

The ITC wanted to streamline its business processes and in turn strengthen the quality of service it provided to its customers. An assessment of the ITC’s operations made clear that the organization needed to strengthen management control over its far-flung branch network, run each branch as an independent profit-and-loss center, operate as a non-profit organization while keeping sharply focused on financial matters, manage registration for thousands of customers, and serve some 50 computer users with differing needs and system demands.

The solution

After reviewing a variety of alternatives, the ITC’s managers chose SAP Business One, appreciating that this flexible, scalable system would revolutionize their organizational and management processes. In particular, ITC managers were thinking creatively about a number of processes and turned to SAP Business One for additional support. They got what they needed – and more. Via SAP Business One, ITC management:

  • customized work screens for each process and each Israel Tennis Center branch
  • created a software development kit environment to enable new applications
  • got a solution to manage its courses, events and other activities
  • created and managed a complex hierarchy of access levels for staff members
  • developed a report generator, enabling each branch to operate as a profit center

The implementation

Within this framework, e Top, a partner of SAP, developed a P&L application that generates sophisticated but simple-to-analyze reports. The data provides management with comprehensive information including revenues versus expenses for the branches and the center and forecast results versus actual results at the budget level.
Bringing SAP Business One online, e Top emphasized implementation at the user level. That meant staffers attended concentrated, small-group sessions at SAP Manage’s technologically advanced training center. For all users – bookkeepers and finance staff, branch managers, and headquarters and branch employees – training sessions in both company-wide and job-specific tasks and functions were conducted at the ITC itself. To support the course-based training, two dedicated workbooks were developed – one for in-place business processes and a professional manual for the methods customized to the ITC.
Great tennis players use advanced rackets to play their games, complementing their speed, power and accuracy. SAP Business One enables the ITC to hit aces on its business court.