MBtech Relies On it.service For Accounting, Project Management And CRM

The MBtech Group with its some 1,200 employees is part of the DaimlerChrysler Group and its automotive engineering and consulting partner. Its range of services includes custom development projects and process-oriented consulting services across the entire product development process. Production roll-out of it.service in the accounting departments of the service provider’s five divisions (Engine & Powertrain, Body Interior & Exterior, Electrical & Electronics, Full Vehicle Engineering & Testing, Planning, Technology & Process Management) is planned for December 2004.
In the second phase which will start in 2005, itelligence AG’s consultants will migrate the Group’s project management systems including product life cycle management using document management systems (PLM DVS) to it.service. In a third phase which will also start at the beginning of 2005, itelligence will introduce mySAP CRM at MBtech. This will enable direct processing of sales transactions and inquiries without delays. Moreover, it will be possible to structure projects already in the quotation phase and assign resources to them.

Advantage cProjects

MBtech will benefit from the extensive industry experience of itelligence’s consultants as well as the combination of itelligence’s it.service solution and mySAP CRM. Among other things, MBtech expects itelligence’s proven templates and fast process reengineering to ensure a short project period. A key tool for the future use of CRM in MBtech’s project environment is the cProjects module integrated in mySAP CRM. Its innovative approach allows to initiate and plan projects as well as check the available resources via a CRM interface. cProjects thereby enables web-based project management and true collaborative working across companies.
Thomas Diels, Head of IT, Finances and Accounting: “We will continue to streamline our business processes – one of our aims being to achieve even more efficient project management. Thanks to its SAP basis and preconfigured industry template, itelligence AG’s it.service solution will permit a pragmatic and target-oriented introduction within a very short period of time.”

Source: itelligence AG