New E-Mail Response Management System for mySAP CRM

An increasing number of companies have come to rely on e-mail as a primary channel of communication with customers, vendors and service providers. To date, e-mail automation systems have fallen short of meeting companies’ requirements. These systems reduced the need for agent intervention; however, the impersonal, uninformative nature of the automatic response often left customers unsatisfied and disgruntled. “The ERMS offering from SAP ups the ante on accurate auto-response and auto-suggest by putting a specific customer context in the classification of inbound emails,” said John Ragsdale, principal analyst, Forrester Inc. In his May 2004 report, SAP Brings Context Into Email Response Management, Ragsdale notes “Customers should evaluate the new offering as an easy way to add integrated, automated e-mail response to the customer service arsenal, with pricing and functionality that are likely to beat out even e-service specialists.”
With the ERMS capabilities of mySAP CRM, companies can automatically organize, acknowledge, track and respond to high volumes of incoming email and simultaneously gather information on inbound requests. In this way, customer responses contain greater depth and help the customer experience a more personal relationship with the organization. This high level of customer knowledge also provides rich context that can help companies increase revenue by offering personalized product and service offerings that existing customers might be more likely to purchase. With the high cost of customer acquisition and the increasing difficulty of informing and retaining existing customers, making the most of every customer interaction using cross and up-selling techniques has become imperative. Inbound customer emails present prime opportunities to up-sell and cross-sell products, taking one customer interaction and turning it into many. ERMS enables agents to leverage inbound communication with a customer and create a response that not only addresses the customer’s issue but also includes an appropriate marketing offer. Companies can use the auto-response and auto-suggest capabilities in ERMS to respond effectively to the customer while permission to respond is granted.
Keeping with SAP’s tradition of delivering superior value through its emphasis on integration, the single biggest advantage of mySAP CRM ERMS is its ability to provide a 360-degree view of the customer to service agents. It does this by interoperating with all back-office systems in real time to retrieve all relevant information – including inventory levels, account balance, shipping dates and customer interaction history – and easily pull this wealth of information into e-mail responses, thereby driving agent productivity to new levels. The ERMS capability from mySAP CRM is available today on a global basis. SAP plans to tailor this ERMS offering to each of the more than 25 industries it supports by including pre-populated common rule attributes and adding templates for common FAQs in each vertical.

Source: SAP AG