SAP Innovates With Kimberly-Clark Corporation

SAP, with Kimberly-Clark’s industry expertise, will build upon the marketing and brand equity management capabilities currently available within mySAP Customer Relationship Management (mySAP CRM) to create new functionality that further automates the processes of planning, budgeting, developing, executing and measuring marketing efforts. As a result, the new capability will free up brand owners’ time for more creative and strategic activities. As with all capabilities in mySAP CRM, the new marketing functionality will be able to integrate with solutions across a company’s IT landscape, giving companies the ability to easily and cost-effectively incorporate marketing activities with enterprise-wide business processes.
SAP is developing this new functionality in response to the increasingly complex needs of marketing executives, who are facing accelerated product and channel proliferation and more refined customer segmentation schemes. Fortune 1000 companies are spending a significant percentage of revenue on marketing, yet it is still the most challenging area of a company’s operations for which to determine payback and the last major enterprise function to embrace broad process automation. “Marketing is an integral part of a customer relationship management strategy that can help drive organizational alignment through its analysis of markets, customers and segments,” said Kimberly Collins, research director, Gartner, Inc. “A company’s ability to orchestrate and optimize the use of internal and external marketing resources and improve the accountability of their marketing functions can be achieved through MRM.”

Effectiveness across all business operations

Kimberly-Clark brand owners will be able to shift the time currently spent on gathering information and tracking administrative processes to higher value activities, such as strategic branding. With the new solution from SAP, Kimberly-Clark employees will save time spent managing hundreds of spreadsheets and data sources for each brand by accessing this information from a single, user-friendly system that is available electronically 24/7. In addition, Kimberly-Clark will leverage SAP NetWeaver, the open integration and application platform, to better connect people, processes, data and platforms for greater effectiveness across all business operations. mySAP CRM will also provide a central repository of information to house valuable market, consumer, user, customer, brand research and insights data; automating information access for thousands of Kimberly-Clark employees, vendors and agency partners. Additionally, SAP plans to create a warehouse for the collection and management of documents, collateral and digital assets, such as stock photos, graphics and artwork. Having a central storage area can help alleviate the loss of best practices and materials resulting from internal and external turnover and help streamline project and campaign execution.
“As a leader in the consumer packaged goods industry, Kimberly-Clark fully understands the importance of the marketing process and best practices in building and maintaining our portfolio of leadership brands,” said Kent Willetts, Vice President – Global Brand Equity, Family Care, Kimberly-Clark. “We turned to SAP to help us develop a solution to enable and support our marketing processes. The MRM platform will enable improved effectiveness of Kimberly-Clark’s brand equity management solution for developing, executing, tracking and analyzing millions of dollars in marketing investment. The MRM platform is fully integrated and available online, replacing the multitude of spreadsheets, presentations, documents and analysis that reside in individuals’ laptops or file cabinets. This new marketing automation will allow us to spend less time on mundane tasks and more time innovating and growing our brands.”
Today, mySAP CRM builds on leading analytics, marketing, sales and service capabilities to deliver broad MRM functionality for budgeting, brand and demand planning and execution. The enhancements supported by SAP’s MRM platform, based on development cooperation between Kimberly-Clark and SAP, are intended for general availability to customers within the next year for industries including consumer products, high tech, automotive, pharmaceuticals, and financial services. “In an increasingly competitive business environment, it becomes imperative to turn customer transactions into customer relationships,” said Peter Kirschbauer, member of the extended management board, SAP. “SAP is excited to work with Kimberly-Clark, a leader in brand building, to further enhance our existing marketing resource management platform. The result will help not only Kimberly-Clark but hundreds of companies in different industries to automate time-consuming marketing tasks, thereby increasing the percentage of time that marketing professionals can focus on value creation.”

Source: SAP AG