Visualization and Collaboration Seminars

Featured speaker at these events will be John MacKrell, Senior Consultant with CIMdata. John MacKrell will discuss the roles of visualization and collaboration within the broad context of product lifecycle management (PLM). Concepts for how these important technologies support the full product definition including the critical issue of being able to examine architectural, engineering, mechanical and electronic designs will be presented. Finally, some benefits achieved by companies that have implemented visualization and collaboration solutions will be given.
“Cimmetry’s visualization and collaboration seminars offer attendees the opportunity to see first-hand how beneficial the adoption of a visualization and collaboration system can be for an enterprise,” said John MacKrell of CIMdata. “Any organization that needs to access, print, review and/or collaborate on engineering drawings, 2D CAD, 3D drawings, parts & assemblies, EDA/PCB layouts & schematics or office documents should attend this seminar.”
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Source: Cimmetry Systems Inc.