Fast Networks Delivered Efficiently With SAP Business One

In telecommunications, speed means efficiency – and that’s doubly true for a company like Hafarpar of Ramat Ishay, Israel, which installs and supports communications infrastructure with a particular focus on fiber-optic networks.
For the company’s customers – including the cellular-communications providers Pelephone, Partner and Cellcom and the cable-TV industry – fiber-optic networks working almost at the speed of light are the fastest way to transfer information. Internally, the faster Hafarpar can process information, the more efficiently the organization operates. And it was this recognition that led Hafarpar to seek out a new organizational management system.

The challenge

“The speed of managing an organization’s processes depends on its communications infrastructure. However, that speed also often depends on the applications installed on the infrastructure,” says Yair Kidron, controller of Hafarpar. “The manner in which various organizational applications, such as accounting, logistics and purchasing, communicate with each other directly affects a company’s efficiency. The management software we were using provided a partial solution, but the lack of compatibility with the data flow and volume forced us to think about migrating to more powerful software.”
Hafarpar needed to respond to a number of organizational demands. “We looked for a package that would flex and grow as our business did – and our business was growing,” Kidron says. “Our 200 employees needed solutions in a variety of areas, such as purchasing operations, and compatibility with accounting, inventory and logistics.” Hafarpar reviewed several packages, all leading local applications. Its choice: SAP Business One.
“SAP Business One surprised us twice,” Kidron says. “Cost was no contest: On a value-for-money basis, SAP Business One easily persuaded us. The second point was that the system ran in a Windows environment with seamless connection to advanced technology. Today, we have 20 users for the system, and each of them will testify to SAP Business One’s friendly interface and operation. “The system also dramatically improved our time management and tightened the interface between our finance and logistics departments,” Kidron says. “The system speeded every order through to invoice and delivery, improving our cash flow while providing detailed and easy-to-access and easy-to-analyze data on every project.”

The implementation

“After installation and implementation, SAP Business One was ready for operation in just three weeks, with Hafarpar making no structural or organizational changes,” Kidron says. “Speed of operation was yet another pleasant surprise from SAP Business One. The report generation function is handy and the reports themselves are simple to analyze. As we predicted, SAP Business One more than paid for itself.”
The open environment in which SAP Business One operates enabled Hafarpar to rapidly build an application that feeds all mission-critical information to a single SQL database. The application enables finance and operations personnel to easily assess and manage data and information flow. Bottom line: Senior managers gain a clear view of revenues and tight control over expenses.

The future

For the future, Kidron says, “Hafarpar operates in a competitive market with very large customers. Long-term strategic plans, the constant drive to secure greater market share, and introducing new products for our customers are facts of life in our business. SAP Business One is a dynamic solution; as SAP upgrades it, it gets better and better. I am certain that SAP Business One, which has proven its efficiency and its value to our company, will serve us well as we execute our long-term plans.