Meeting Network Demand of Telecommunications Service Providers

The SAP strategy for NLM, ranging from demand planning and investment management to project and asset management, creates a 360-degree view of the business process for service providers. This strategy enables service providers to plan for and manage network demands and facilitates the migration from legacy to next-generation networks. Telecommunications service providers will see benefits that are fourfold: network capacity and expansion planning are matched with customer demand, network management is much more effective, internal and external collaboration is simplified and operational and investment costs are streamlined and aligned with corporate strategy.

SAP announces joint development cooperation with Cramer

As part of the SAP strategy for NLM, the company also announced a joint development cooperation with Cramer, the leading provider of inventory-powered automation software for telecom service providers. SAP and Cramer will collaborate on integrating their software applications to provide an end-to-end network lifecycle management solution that overrides the borders of traditional operations support systems (OSS) and business support systems (BSS) and enables providers to eliminate obsolete inventory and help them plan network build-outs. Because the solution is powered by the SAP NetWeaver™ platform, it will be a fully integrated offering, accelerating time to market.
“Cramer and SAP share a vision of a much simpler, yet much more sophisticated, way to run a telecom business,” said Don Gibson, CTO, Cramer. “The key is the OSS/BSS interface, and our joint development with SAP will give service providers for the first time integration between two scalable, enterprise applications in BSS and OSS. The seamless flow-through from commercial to network worlds will enable service providers to synchronize capital expenditure much better with actual demand for services.”
“Today’s service providers walk a fine line between managing operational and network costs and investing in and delivering the new solutions and services that end-user customers are demanding – the services and solutions that, while costly in terms of upfront investment, will ultimately drive revenue,” said Harald Hinderer, head of the Telecommunications business unit, SAP AG. “The SAP strategy for NLM enables service providers to carefully match network expansion and service delivery with customer demand in a cost-effective manner, delivering a clear advantage in a highly competitive market.”

Service Provider Customers adopt NLM and realize immediate results

Specific elements of the SAP offering for NLM include applications for demand and supply planning, inventory and fixed asset management, investment and project management and mobile workforce management. The SAP strategy for NLM comprises a series of offerings that deliver the processes needed to expand and operate a service provider’s entire network infrastructure.
Leading service providers, serving more than 100 million subscribers in Asia, Europe and North America, are implementing the SAP strategy for NLM. Even by implementing only parts of SAP’s NLM solution, customers such as Telefonica de Espana were already able to realize significant savings and a return on investments in as little as six months. More specifically, customers realize a decline in unused network inventory, a drop in supplier prices, an increased quality of service and a streamlined supply chain management process.

Source: SAP AG