New Possibilities for Analyzing Productive SAP Systems

IBIS Prof. Thome AG’s Reverse Business Engineer together with RBE Plus and its newly updated, expanded content make it possible to analyze running SAP systems (from R/3 Release 3.0f) using two variables: get information on both the basis module and business processes in all other modules. Transaction usage, extensions, customizing data, master data and process data can all be identified and evaluated. Compared to RBE Version 2.0 from 2001, IBIS focused this time on content development improvements and created additional RBE check steps. IBIS Prof. Thome increased the number of check steps in the RBE knowledge base for mySAP Business Suite from 300 to more than 12,000. This means customer value, for RBE can be used in more business scenarios than ever before.
In addition to classic scenarios like “follow-up documentation” and “situation analysis”, IBIS Prof. Thome now offers more complex analyses for “system consolidation”, “quality assurance” and a “search for potential process improvement” in our upgrade. A special RBE analysis package was developed in cooperation with SAP Consulting Germany to support companies undergoing release changes. Feedback from customers taking part in RBE Plus workshops as to their specific requirements resulted in new evaluation possibilities. In addition to extensive analyses in the basis module as well as role and business process analyses, IBIS Prof. Thome offers specialized analyses that are indispensible in helping customers comply with new regulations such as the Sarbanes Oxley Act. RBE Plus results can also be made accessible in SAP Solution Manager. Different RBE Plus service packages are available to guarantee immediate access to every employee responsible for working with the SAP system and to fulfill each individual’s project requirements, from entering information to tool installation.

Source: IBIS Prof. Thome AG