SAP America and Deloitte Consulting LLP Team to Optimize Customer Service

The customer information system will include enhanced functionality to manage, track and report customer credit activity easily and in real time as required by most electric cooperatives. Designed to meet the needs of midsize utilities, the new system will streamline payment processes by enabling customer service agents to manage member transactions on one screen, require fewer clicks to accomplish transactions and ensure greater efficiency for processing customer payment transactions through walk-in centers and other payment channels. The SAP system will also provide 160,000 Middle Tennessee members with 24/7 Internet access to up-to-the-minute information on their accounts.
“The flexible SAP solution will allow us to improve data integrity and optimize customer service and support levels while leveraging systems we already have in place,” said John Florida, vice president, Information Systems, Middle Tennessee. “We chose a scalable solution so that we will be positioned to meet current and future changes in technology, including delivering value-added Web services to our members and strengthening employee productivity.”
By integrating core business practices with service delivery, Middle Tennessee will have a complete customer information system to improve all customer care processes, including management of customer programs and service centers. Middle Tennessee’s direct participation in the system configuration process will help increase the timeliness and success of the deployment as well as its viability for use in other utility cooperatives. The customer information system for Middle Tennessee will be implemented in five planned phases and is expected to be fully operational in 2005.
“It’s important for utilities of all sizes to choose customer care and service management solutions that are open and easily integrated with existing systems, such as those for Outage Management and GIS (Geospatial Information Systems),” said Gary Johnston, solution director of the Utilities business unit at SAP America. “Integrated systems increase flexibility, making it possible for utilities to improve employee efficiency and deliver better service at lower costs to customers. SAP’s extensive industry expertise and alliance with Deloitte Consulting enables us to deliver flexible solutions that meet the unique needs of utilities for greater transparency and flexibility for future growth.”

Industry-leading practices and solutions for utilities of all sizes

The project between SAP and Deloitte at Middle Tennessee builds upon the long-standing relationship between the two companies. This relationship leverages SAP’s expertise as a provider of industry-specific solutions to gas, water and electric utilities companies of all sizes as well as Deloitte Consulting’s experience implementing enterprise resource planning and customer information systems (CIS) in the utility industry.
“At Deloitte Consulting, we view our relationship with Middle Tennessee and SAP as a strategic differentiator, allowing us jointly to bring industry-leading practices and solutions for utilities of all sizes,” said Tom Turco, Deloitte Consulting principal and SAP U.S. Utility Alliance leader. “Customer information and work management solutions are the critical technology enablers of any utility, and now, midsize and small utilities have access to the same business and technology tools as the larger, investor-owned utilities. These tools are necessary to face market demands, improve efficiency of operations, provide more alternatives for customer care and help prepare these utilities to operate in competitive markets.”

Source: SAP AG