Extending mySAP PLM Towards Realtime Design Collaboration

Strategic Enterprise AG, which lists CAD interfaces and enterprise collaboration solutions among its core competencies, has been presented with the challenge of integrating a company-wide but also inter-company engineering capability in mySAP Product Lifecycle Management (mySAP PLM) for customers with a worldwide presence. With the solution Extended Design Collaboration, which is being developed in collaboration with IDS Scheer’s industry specialists, customers like Carpigiani, the world market leading manufacturer of ice cream and dessert makers, can optimize their processes globally and still save time and money by technically integrating them based on SAP NetWeaver.
IDS Scheer and Strategic Enterprise AG offer process optimization with ARIS, combined with the latest IT tools, to customers who also want to integrate their inter-company processes in mySAP PLM. The two firms developed the necessary interfaces using SAP NetWeaver as their primary technology platform. The result is an online collaboration solution that allows processing and modifying of an enormous variety of CAD formats in realtime and in a multi-CAD session, from shared locations, for example for automotive- and machine building, thereby considerably accelerating engineering processes. The emerging capability of realtime design collaboration in an integrated mySAP PLM environment has already prompted enquiries from high-profile companies.
“Our international success has also presented us with new problems,” says Gino Cocchi, Managing Director of Carpigiani, “our know-how is now scattered in different locations all over the world and our engineering processes are becoming increasingly complex. With the extension of mySAP PLM for Design Collaboration, our colleagues and partners can now exchange and handle their data in realtime and can go on developing our products more efficiently.” Dr. Wolfram Jost, Member of the Executive Board and Head of the Product Division at IDS Scheer AG: “The strong interest in our new solution once again highlights the opportunities offered by SAP NetWeaver. At the same time, the integration of ARIS ensures a consistent process view for every project.”

Source: IDS Scheer