German Armed Forces Successfully Implements SAP

The Bundeswehr, which is at the leading edge of developing the SAP for Defense & Security solution to enable mobile operations, joins a growing number of defense organizations in countries such as the United States, Denmark and New Zealand using the SAP solution. SAP for Defense & Security will enable planning and execution, global access to readiness data, collaboration and decision support capabilities for combat commanders. As the software solution provider of choice for more than 14 NATO member country governments, SAP is uniquely qualified to fulfill the technological requirements of defense and security organizations around the globe.
SAP technology is the cornerstone of the Bundeswehr’s Standard Application Software Product Families (SASPF) modernization initiative, established to ensure the comprehensive integration of core logistics and administrative processes to support domestic and deployed operations using mobile applications and decentralized ERP systems. For the Bundeswehr, critical information must be visible, accessible and timely when directing forces in a deployed scenario.
To meet these challenges, the Bundeswehr is extending its SAP rollout to include SAP Mobile Infrastructure, technology that will enable commanders in the field to initiate and execute combat service support. With SAP’s mobile technology infrastructure, logistics and core administrative processes can be carried out independent of a direct connection to a central or de-centralized ERP system. Synchronization of the mobile client will be initiated at a later point in time in line with the operational tempo, via tactical communications. If a military vehicle breaks down and the commander calls for service, the responding technician is equipped with a mobile-enabled laptop and can assess the problem, specify the required repairs, locate the nearest command center and order the needed parts so that when the vehicle arrives at the post it can be repaired and returned to field operations as quickly as possible.
“We have worked closely with SAP to ensure the success of the SASPF project and we are pleased with the results thus far,” said Brigadier General Hans Herbert Schulz, Bundeswehr. “Our combined strategic development project, including the mobile functionality, has been a key differentiator in our overall decision for a single end-to-end solution using SAP for Defense & Security. This initiative will integrate and streamline operations across a single enterprise as well as provide the functionality for planning and managing deployed operations.”

Ressource efficiency settles success of operations

The successful rollout of SAP solutions and deployment of SAP’s mobile technology are the results of a strategic development partnership between SAP and the Bundeswehr. The partnership is aimed at creating specific functionality to enhance efficiency and flexibility in planning and executing logistics and administrative processes while fulfilling the requirements of missions and exercises with mobile technology. In the near future, the Bundeswehr will be able to support deployed operations using decentralized ERP systems and SAP Mobile Infrastructure, including functions for the command structure, personnel, materiel and budgets, for all operations to better utilize resources.
“Mission success often depends on the effective use of available resources,” said retired U.S. Air Force Major General John Barry, vice president, SAP for Defense & Security. “The integrated SAP solutions in use at the Bundeswehr are enabling mission-readiness, improved information sharing and knowledge flow while supporting mobile operations for deployed resources to operate as a single, connected team. At the same time, the commanding officers on location will be provided with a real-time depiction of available resources.”

Source: SAP AG