Helping Energy Companies Integrate Upstream Operational and Business Processes

Accenture and SAP jointly designed and developed the composite application SAP xApp Integrated Exploration and Production (SAP xIEP), which is powered by the SAP NetWeaver technology platform. SAP xIEP allows upstream energy companies to integrate critical knowledge, data and applications – including those for development, production, operations and maintenance activities – to better execute key upstream oil and gas processes.
By offering users the ability to easily access and leverage industry processes and information as well as conduct transactional processing across the numerous and often-disparate systems used in upstream operations, SAP xIEP significantly reduces the amount of time that energy professionals spend searching for data or reconciling integration issues. As a result, they can make smarter and faster decisions, produce accurate and transparent information, increase adherence to operational processes, and increase productivity. “The digital oil field is both a solution and a problem,” said Dan Miklovic, vice president and research director, GartnerG2. “It produces more data than ever before, but oil companies must learn how to make the most of all that new information.”

Simply a powerful solution

SAP xIEP is designed to support critical upstream business processes, starting with upstream asset maintenance. Support for this process includes classifying and prioritizing maintenance work, reducing recurring maintenance and high-impact failures, optimizing inventory levels and availability of critical parts, predicting equipment failures and unplanned maintenance activities, and accelerating response times to internal and external partners.
“SAP xIEP is a powerful solution that, for the first time, brings upstream operational and business support processes together into one integrated environment,” said Peggy Kostial, the Accenture partner responsible for the company’s SAP Energy Program. “This capability is the next step toward unleashing the immense value that is currently trapped within the upstream supply chain due to lack of integration and streamlined business processes.”
Accenture and SAP plan to enhance the new solution to include support for additional functions including procurement, operations (planning, scheduling and maintenance) and accounting. When those capabilities are added, SAP xIEP will enable field and office workers to access the latest project-specific data from remote locations and view all relevant information, such as daily drilling data. Field and office workers will be able to synchronize the data from different sources and collaborate remotely with team members – such as well engineers, geotechnical professionals and administrative teams – to support critical upstream business processes.
“We are rapidly entering an age of service-oriented architecture, allowing customers to leverage flexible IT environments at reduced TCO,” said Claus Heinrich, member of the executive board, SAP AG. “SAP xIEP makes full use of these advantages, since it was developed to conform with Enterprise Services Architecture, SAP’s version of a service-oriented framework. With the release of SAP xIEP, we are delivering on our communicated SAP composite application strategy, better enabling our customers’ industry-specific processes and making relevant composite applications immediately available to them with shortened turn-around time.”

Source: SAP AG