itelligence AG appointed “Global Partner Hosting” by SAP AG

The appointment as “Global Hosting Partner” was preceded by an extensive test phase and the successful completion of two qualification audits. The audits were performed at the itelligence computing center in Cincinnati, USA, for the US market and at the company’s computing centre in Bautzen, Germany, for the European market. By virtue of this new status, itelligence AG now belongs to a select circle of only five audited SAP Global Partner Hosting worldwide.
The extended status documents the high technological quality, innovation and security of the systems hosted by itelligence AG and confirms the company’s comprehensive experience on the main SAP solution platforms in the hosting segment. It reflects itelligence’s ability to offer hosting services of a consistently high quality standard on an international scale.
Says Oliver Schreiber, Director Business Unit Outsourcing & Services: “The Global Hosting Partner status reflects the very close and forward-looking national and international partnership between SAP and itelligence. This move has laid the foundation for the continued international expansion of our hosting services. The Global Hosting Partnership will thus allow us to actively make inroads into the hosting markets of those countries in which we already have a presence but do not yet offer hosting services.”

Quelle: itelligence AG