Howrey Selects SAP Software and Sun Microsystems

Before turning to SAP, Howrey Simon identified a need to better measure and manage business-critical metrics and ensure optimal use of resources. After testing two best-of-breed solutions that created a siloed, disconnected technology ecosystem and proved insufficient for meeting the company’s needs, Howrey consulted with Sun Microsystems, Inc., a longstanding SAP partner, who recommended SAP. By consolidating legacy systems and standardizing on SAP for Professional Services, Howrey will be able to eliminate redundant processes and work, will have greater enterprise visibility into their business processes, perform better business analysis and assessment, and will be able to reduce the amount of time attorneys spend on mundane and clerical activities so they can focus on effectively billing their time and building client relationships.
“After consulting with Sun, it became clear that SAP was the best software solution provider to offer the technology infrastructure we needed to help achieve our business objectives,” said Bob Ruyak, managing partner and CEO, Howrey. “We are confident that SAP’s renowned integration capabilities will deliver the enterprise visibility and business-critical information required to increase attorney productivity and efficiently leverage valuable resources in order to effectively grow our business.” The first phase of Howrey’s implementation will include SAP solutions for financial accounting; management accounting; client and order management; engagement management, including time and expense management and invoice management; and business analytics.
Sun provided architecture design, project management and implementation assistance to consolidate the data center and create a secure IT environment. “Our joint success at Howrey shows that Sun and SAP bring a powerful combination of people and technology together that complement and reinforce each party’s strengths,” said Stephen Borcich, vice president, Market and Industry Markets at Sun. “Utilizing Sun Solaris and Sun Java Enterprise System and SAP’s applications and business expertise, Howrey staff will benefit from an integrated technology platform and access to information and applications they need anytime, from any location.”

SAP Solutions for the Legal Field

Law firms around the world are encountering intensified government scrutiny and working to comply with new regulations that require increased risk assessment and reporting processes. SAP for Professional Services is designed to help meet the requirements of the legal industry by providing an integrated solution portfolio that enables legal services organizations to maximize revenues, increase margins and improve productivity of operations across all clients, offices, matters and resources. SAP has worked closely with law firms over the past three years to design this solution set and will work with Howrey to further hone the technological capabilities needed to meet the business needs of leading law firms today.
“Today, law firms are under increased pressure to update and integrate their IT-landscape to remain competitive,” said Carsten Linz, Head of IBU Service Providers, SAP. “We’ve worked with experts within the legal industry to provide integrated software solutions that are adaptable to changing market conditions. Thereby, SAP is in a unique position to enable law firms to expand their client base and manage growth in national and international markets.” Howrey Simon has 1,200 users globally with eleven offices in countries including Belgium, the Netherlands, United Kingdom and the United States.

Source: SAP AG