KWP and AC – mySAP HR Up and Running in Five Days

Five days of consultation were all that was needed by the HR consultants from KWP Human Capital Consulting, Vienna, a joint company of KWP Kümmel, Wiedmann und Partner Unternehmensberatung in Talheim and AC-Service, to start productive operation of a human resources software solution on the basis of mySAP HR. The switch to mySAP HR for the 25 staff members of the Hangartner GesmbH, a freight and transport company in Villach, was a separate project in line with the companies IT harmonisation. Hangartner had previously introduced an end-to-end SAP solution at the companies Swiss headquarters in Aarau for all of its 13 locations in ten European countries.
This mere five-day-long HR implementation at Hangartner in Austria, accomplished by the consultants of KWP Human Capital Consulting, included customizing personnel administration, training the staff and trial payroll operations. The first payslips marked the completion of this mySAP HR installation. The centralised technical implementation and set-up of the SAP base system had already been completed prior to this project in the data center at Hangartners head office in Aarau (Switzerland). Serving as the basis for this time-saving implementation was a version of the KWP.All-in-one.HR branch template that was specially configured for freight and transport companies and which, thanks to its wide range of defaults and set-up features, allows not only remarkably efficient installation, but even covers those country-specific requirements for payroll operations in Austria. Besides Hangartner, this joint company, founded in November 2003 by KWP and AC-Service, also serves a number of other clients including companies of BEKO HOLDING AG and the Georg Fischer Group. Here the technical operation and maintenance of these HR solutions is handled in AC-Services Outsourcing Service Center, whose service desk also provides application management.
“Following the presentation of an SAP Business Partner award in the Best Performance Worldwide category to Process Partner, also an AC-Service company like KWP Human Capital Consulting, this Hangartner project provides just one more example of how efficiently SAP implementations can be made in small to mid-size companies”, remarked Joachim Volpert and Michael Hermann-Preschnofsky, general managers of KWP Human Capital Consulting. For René Pixner, who holds full commercial authority for Hangartner in Austria, this new mySAP HR solution delivers a tremendous gain in efficiency stemming from the way personnel administration and the operational business now closely dovetail. In addition to outsourcing and consulting services, AC-Service will be presenting an extensive range of solutions and services for human resources at the information-technology and computer trade shows ITnT in Vienna (15-17 February 2005) and at the CeBIT in Hannover (10-16 March 2005).

Source: AC Service AG