New Capabilities in mySAP CRM Help Telecommunications Companies

The telecommunications industry extensions help telco companies recapture lost revenue that can result from billing and operational errors in the call center. Available now, these extensions complement existing capabilities in mySAP CRM that cover customer service processes such as the management of cases and complaints, sales order and contract management, and campaign management. Additional existing features of SAP’s CRM solution for telcos include the telco dealer portal and enterprise-wide customer intelligence capabilities, designed to help telco companies more efficiently manage all aspects of the customer relationship life cycle.

Managing financial customer transactions through the interaction center

In the telecommunications industry, effective management of accounts receivable and collections is imperative for building revenue and driving bottom-line business success. A great deal of customer account management takes place in the interaction center. During inbound customer inquiries or disputes and outbound request-for-payment calls to delinquent customers, interaction center agents need quick access to comprehensive insight into the customer’s contracts, invoices and payment status. mySAP CRM helps ensure that interaction center agents are empowered with pertinent information from across the enterprise to effectively manage individual customer interactions and foster long-term relationships.
Various agents working on the same account need to be able to update customer profiles and financial information with pertinent transaction data instantly. mySAP CRM supports such real- time processes, helping ensure that all customer data is up to date when the next agent views the account. This way, interaction center agents can make well-informed decisions and recommendations based on the latest customer insight when handling all customer inquiries.

Collections management

Customers that are delinquent on their bills create a drain on revenues and also pose a risk to the company overall. The interaction center with mySAP CRM supports all the capabilities needed for effective outbound collections calls, such as call lists generated automatically in the back-end dunning processes, interactive scripts and payment tools. These capabilities enable agents to outline the current situation to the customer effectively, capture payment authorizations or promises-to-pay, create an installment plan, or open a dispute case when necessary. mySAP CRM thus helps significantly reduce revenue leakage and effectively record and analyze customer behavior so that companies can focus their profitable-customer growth initiatives on more viable candidates.

Dispute management

Handling a disgruntled customer is never an enjoyable case, always requiring particular care and attention. SAP’s dispute management application, now available through the industry extensions for telecommunications, connects interaction center agents with all back-end business functions necessary to record and resolve a customer dispute quickly and easily. This allows for more accurate handling of receivables, increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.
“In the face of the continuing challenge of delivering a solid bottom line in today’s telecommunications industry, companies need to have more proactive strategies for handling new and existing customers and for controlling financial interactions every step of the way,” said Harald Hinderer, head of the Telecommunications business unit, SAP AG. “This requires a 360-degree view of customer histories, preferences and transactions and end-to-end processes for managing financials and customer service. The industry-specific extensions to mySAP CRM deliver the integrated functionality telecommunications companies need to achieve full visibility and control over all aspects of customer financials management. Beyond the immediate benefit of reducing leaked revenue, this customer-oriented mode of operations will help telcos retain existing customers and achieve larger share of wallet.”

Source: SAP AG