U.S. Customs and Border Protection Improves Business Operations

Designed to increase process transparency and enhance efficiency for governments, the SAP for Public Sector industry solution set will enable CBP to leverage integrated tools for financial management, business intelligence, asset accounting, real estate and materials management. In addition to enhancing operational efficiency and enabling more effective asset management, the integrated SAP solution will help the agency reduce IT complexity and maintenance costs. The announcement was made at the SAP Business Forum for Government, being held in Washington, D.C., November 30, 2004.
The benefits of the new SAP system include:

  • Complete Integration – CBP now has comprehensive integration between financial and business performance information and management processes, enabling more effective, strategic management decisions that better support the agency’s core mission to manage, control and protect the nation’s borders.
  • Improved Financial Statements – SAP for Public Sector enables decision-oriented accounting by creating a full audit trail to help ensure accountability by tracking how each user carries out a financial transaction.
  • Reduced Cycle-Time – The SAP solution will help improve overall data accuracy and eliminate data duplication as well as paper-based processes. Operational staffs are now able to access budget, procurement, property management and financial accounting data through one system and reduce time spent doing manual reconciliation.
  • Analytical Reporting – CBP managers no longer have to print reports or use legacy data mining software. With the business intelligence capabilities of the SAP NetWeaver platform, CBP can identify, integrate and analyze large amounts of information within a data warehouse. As a result, the agency can align strategy and execution, improve employee productivity, and turn static data into actionable insight.

“Our successful conversion completes the active integration of our financial and business performance information and management processes so that everyone who is entrusted with the proper management of CBP’s resources, can make effective and strategic decisions that support the mission of CBP,” said Richard Balaban, chief financial officer, CBP.

Source: SAP AG