Worldwide Complete Introduction of mySAP Business Suite

The objective behind the introduction: to equip Almatis with an IT system of its own that is largely based on the SAP standard. Implementation will be sub-divided into two phases. In the first, Almatis’ core global business processes, such as Finances, Controlling, Distribution and Production will be mapped using the mySAP ERP solution. In the second phase, the system will be expanded to include additional mySAP Business Suite functionalities, such as APO. Novasoft will be basing the implementation on the SAP Best Practice System for the Chemicals sector, and supplementing this by means of Novasoft Best Practices.
“We have set a very tight timeframe for the introduction,” states Henning Stams, CIO at Almatis, and thus describes one of the major challenges of the project. “The reason: we want to waste no time at all in exploiting the advantages of a system of our own that duly maps our specific processes,” he continues. “So it was crucial for Almatis that we found a consultancy partner who could respond fast and flexibly and above all had the requisite experience in the chemicals industry in order to be able to realize this major project,” is how Joachim Soehngen, CFO at Almatis, explains why he decided in favor of Novasoft. The Heidelberg-based SAP consultants last proved their prowess as regards chemicals sector know-how when at the beginning of the year they successfully handled the SAP implementation at Cognis.
“Our joint goal for the implementation of the entire raft of modules and the roll-out to Asia and the United States it to remain as close as possible to the standard,” reports Andreas Kremer, Managing Director of Novasoft’s Cologne branch and Manager of the Novasoft Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Business Unit. “This required having an in-depth understanding of the complex processes to be encountered in the chemicals industry, and we are proud that Almatis has been confident that we will successfully handle this ambitious implementation project including the roll-out.“
First proof of how well collaboration is going has been in evidence since September 13, when Almatis approved the newly compiled Business Blueprint. The project team devised it in as little as six weeks. Almatis is the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of a unique product portfolio of high-grade aluminum oxides. Almatis products are used in countless industries, for example in steel production, cement making, petrochemicals, electronics, in NF metals production, and in the manufacture of plastic s, paper, ceramics, and carpets. Almatis was spun off from the former Alcoa World Chemicals at the beginning of this year, with Rhône Capital now the majority shareholders, and Teachers’ Private Capital likewise holding a stake. The company has a world payroll of some 8,000 employees.

Source: Novasoft AG