BFD and G.O.D. to Operate Under the TDS Brand

TDS now comprimes three business units: HR Services & Solutions, IT Outsourcing, and IT Consulting. The company is to focus on its key markets, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The new HR Services & Solutions business unit will consolidate BFD and G.O.D.’s extensive skills in HR processes, G.O.D.’s software solutions, and TDS’ outsourcing and IT expertise. The result: a one-stop shop for HR business process outsourcing (HR BPO). G.O.D. will also add its unique knowledge of financial accounting services, and its experience of the public sector and non-profit organizations.

Winning combination makes TDS market leader

TDS was already a leading provider of HR BPO services before acquiring BFD and G.o.D., managing all related systems for customers at its data centers. By bringing together three well-established market players, the TDS Group is now Germany’s leading HR BPO provider, handling around 550,000 payroll transactions per month.
TDS also offers company-specific IT outsourcing and IT consulting services, hosting everything from selected applications to entire customer IT landscapes at its state-of-the-art data centers. In addition, TDS provides a wide range of IT consulting services, with a focus on SAP and Enterprise Content Management (ECM). “META Group forecasts that the German HR BPO market will grow by 12 percent in 2005,” says Michael Eberhardt, CEO of TDS. “The new HR Services & Solutions business unit will help us to play a more active role in this rapidly growing market.”

Source: TDS AG