“Cutting Down on Paper Usage”

“An accelerated economy and increasing international competition mean that small and medium-sized businesses need to have immediate access to digital documents, including quotes, delivery notes and invoices quickly,” says Horst Ramnitz, Managing Director of SAP Solution Partner NOVALINE Informationstechnologie.

An integrated solution

“We recognized that an archiving solution specifically aimed at SMBs must cover both these aspects, as well as form an integral part of a future-focussed business solution,” explains Horst Ramnitz. “This is why we have developed a document archiving system as a fully integrated add-on to SAP Business One.” According to NOVALINE this add-on not only improves organization, but also increases the flow of information. Documents output by the ERP system such as quotes, delivery notes and invoices are automatically keyworded and archived at the printing stage. “What makes our system different is that we use the address as the primary referencing point for subsequent processing,” explains Ramnitz. By way of example, the system scans incoming documents and assigns them, along with e-mails and faxes, to an address, thereby augmenting the “electronic (customer and supplier) file”. According to the SAP Solution Partner, this also allows access to copies of archived documents on demand from any workstation.
Users have constant access to the digital documents and can search for these according to certain criteria, using either a targeted search (documents assigned to the address) or a global search that disregards addresses. Users can carry out both keyword and full-text searches. While documents are being processed, it is possible to display already archived documents (quotes, invoices, etc.) directly in SAP Business One without switching programs.
NOVALINE has also developed an add-on module for archiving documents not generated in SAP’s SMB solution. “This enables customers to archive Word or Excel documents, e-mails and faxes. Paper documents are digitized using a scanner, after which they can also be archived easily,” explains Managing Director Ramnitz.
To ensure a user-friendly interface with the same look and feel as SAP’s Business One, NOVALINE has integrated the archiving add-on in the SAP solution using SDK (Software Development Kit). Ramnitz believes the benefits speak for themselves. When processing documents such as quotes or invoices in SAP Business One, the user merely has to click an archive button to access all archived documents in an internal viewer using either a keyword or full-text search.

Simple, fast and cost-effective

Businesses can install the archiving solution on systems that meet the usual hardware and software requirements for SAP Business One. According to NOVALINE, the only hardware required for capturing incoming documents is a standard scanner capable of handling the volume of documents processed by the company.
Installation of the add-on and system training for staff takes around one working day for up to six users, with larger installation projects taking longer. There is no lower limit to the number of users. The basic license costs EUR 600, with an additional EUR 200 per user to cover archiving of data and all documents output from SAP Business One. Businesses wanting extended single-terminal licenses for incoming documents such as faxes, e-mails, Word and Excel files, and additional file formats (e.g. jpg, bmp, tif) pay an extra EUR 200 per user. The SAP Solution Partner, which is based in Rheine, is also planning to sell its archiving solution abroad through distributors. Prices will depend on the relevant SAP Business One license prices.
“All in all, our archive solution is not only highly cost-effective, but also helps firms cuts down on paper usage, as paper-intensive processes are digitized quickly and easily,” concludes Ramnitz. “This accelerates data capture and archiving for SMBs and also makes them more cost-effective.”

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Dr. Andreas Schaffry
Dr. Andreas Schaffry