Entergy Corporation Raises the Bar for SAP Customers

In this implementation, FileTek’s StorHouse system is a tightly integrated near-line storage repository for Entergy’s aged but critical financial information. To date, StorHouse manages approximately 700 gigabytes of Entergy data with growth projected to 10 terabytes over the next three years. In addition to SAP BW data, Entergy plans to use its StorHouse server for storing and managing other important corporate information, including data from unrelated legacy systems.
StorHouse supports easy integration with SAP BW. It provides direct, row-level access to aged SAP BW data on a virtual hierarchy of RAID, disk, and lower-cost near-line storage devices such as massive arrays of idle disks (MAID), tape, and optical with no requirement to first stage data back to disk. The number and mix of devices in the virtual hierarchy can be tailored to individual customer requirements. Furthermore, because StorHouse is a non-proprietary solution, data can be transparently migrated from existing devices to new storage technologies as they become available. In addition to a flexible hierarchy, StorHouse provides high-speed FTP data load and unload utilities for moving information to and from Entergy’s primary SAP BW database.
To implement this near-line capability, Entergy database administrators access a GUI-based, SAP-developed application program interface (API) for creating StorHouse tables (InfoCubes) and loading ODS objects from a primary Oracle database to StorHouse. Because SAP BW tracks metadata for StorHouse objects, users can query primary database data and/or StorHouse data through the same set of standard SAP BW query and reporting tools. Wayne Alphonso, Business Unit CIO at Entergy, commented, “The StorHouse near-line storage solution for SAP BW has improved the way we access aged data and the overall performance of our SAP BW system. With StorHouse, we are now able to manage SAP BW data throughout its useful lifecycle.”
Chuck Whinney, FileTek’s Vice President for SAP Alliances, added, “It has been a pleasure working with Entergy’s IT staff from proof-of-concept through implementation, testing, and production. It’s gratifying to know that StorHouse is making such groundbreaking achievements in the SAP BW market space. Because it is a secure, reliable, and accessible system, StorHouse is the ideal database extension solution for storing and managing aged SAP BW data with mid-to-low-level access requirements. FileTek will continue working with Entergy to identify new applications for StorHouse and to satisfy the company’s escalating enterprise-wide data archiving needs.”

Source: File Tek