Gamma Receives Backing from Palomar Ventures and ArrowPath Venture Capital

“The backing we have just received from Palomar Ventures and ArrowPath Venture Capital will enhance our ability to provide SAP users with a full suite of data management products,” explains Matthew Minkovsky, President, Founder and CEO of Gamma Enterprise Technologies. “It will help us to broaden our offerings and expand our existing reach into the SAP community,” Minkovsky adds.
Gamma is known for InfoShuttle, a data management tool that boosts the productivity of developers, testers and trainers. Designed to enable SAP analysts to quickly replicate selective sets of SAP data across environments, InfoShuttle helps SAP support organizations develop, test and implement enhancements faster and to higher quality standards. Last year Gamma also introduced InfoTrim, data management software that selectively removes unwanted, obsolete and unnecessary data to render an SAP R/3 system that resembles production, but on a much smaller footprint.
“Gamma addresses a big pain point in the enterprise,” says Brian Garrett, Principal at Palomar Ventures. “Their focus on reducing the complexity of SAP data management and the footprint of the database is targeted directly at a growing need.” Garrett notes that although the VC investment represents the company’s first round of financing, “this is no start-up … Gamma’s strong entrepreneurial roots have enabled it to build up a blue-chip customer base without any institutional investors.”

Source: Gamma Enterprise Technologies