SAP and IBM Join Forces to Deliver New Solution

By delivering a single view of a constituent across programs and by providing integrated tools to support data intake, screening, service and benefit eligibility, social services and social security organizations will be able to transform their IT systems to support the policy needs of the 21st Century. The new agreement brings together SAP’s social services and social security offerings with IBM’s integrated Case Management solution and deep industry consulting expertise. SAP’s social services and social security offering includes public sector collections and disbursement capabilities to handle high volume postings, payments, repayment and interest calculations; integrated financial management from mySAP ERP; and client-centered case management functionality from mySAP Customer Relationship Management (mySAP CRM).
Under the worldwide cooperation agreement, SAP and IBM will work together in business development, sales, sales support, consulting and other services. As two of the largest and most trusted names in the government industry, SAP and IBM will offer the integrated case-management solution in response to changing government and demographic conditions, including the government’s growing reliance on IT solutions and increase in IT spending to support social programs. According to IBM research, global government spending in the social services and social security industry in 2004 reached $24 billion.

More choices for social services and social security organizations

Until now, social services and social security organizations have had little solutions choice to support their transformation efforts. This alliance brings together SAP’s expertise from the public sector and other industries, including its enterprise approach and financial best practices, with IBM’s knowledge of challenges faced by social services and social security organizations. This alliance provides more choices for these organizations as they implement change.
“There’s a great deal of transformation happening in the social services and social security industry as organizations search for ways to update aging legacy IT systems to focus on social outcomes, while minimizing operational costs,” said Chris Gibbon, Global Social Segment Leader for IBM. ”The goal of this relationship is to provide an integrated solution that delivers industry best practices encapsulated in design, consulting and implementation services. IBM is extending its Integrated Case Management solution, which incorporates existing business partner solutions. This extension allows us to offer greater choice and wider business function to our clients.”
“Governments around the world are facing external pressures on their social services and social security organizations and must consider innovative approaches to meet increased demand for constituent services,” said Tom Shirk, president, SAP Public Services, Inc. “SAP’s alliance with IBM will help these organizations transform critical citizen support programs such as child welfare through proven software solutions and industry expertise from two of the world’s leading technology providers.”

Source: SAP AG