Taking on the Giants

Unfortunately, the outdated systems used by many cosmetics SMBs provide only limited functionality and have become too costly to maintain. Further, disparate systems for accounting, inventory control, distribution and other stand-alone functions create information road blocks and add to the complexity of a growing, seasonal business. These challenges are compounded by the limited resources of most SMBs, who often don’t have the time or money to devote to long, drawn-out software implementations.
What’s needed is synergy between all these systems, an integrated software solution that lends a whole new complexion to the cosmetics industry. A timely, cost-effective way to turn the supply chain into a truly collaborative environment that maximizes profits and makes the most of an SMB’s budget.

Connecting the dots for an integrated view

ARIS SmartPath for Cosmetics allows companies to connect the dots, so they can see the big picture – delivering a clear, cohesive view of the business. A qualified mySAP All-in-One solution, this software is backed by the expertise of IDS Scheer SME, an authorized SAP Vertical Solution Reseller (VSR).
With mySAP All-in-One solutions, there’s no need for SMBs to piece together solutions. They can automate critical business processes quickly with a prepackaged solution that’s tailored to their unique business needs.
This fully integrated solution for the cosmetics industry manages all aspects of seasonality, such as product forecasting, after-season returns, and repackaging and refurbishing of products. It also handles product shelf-life expiration, quality control, unit management, billing and charge-backs, and FDA regulatory compliance. With increased visibility into inventory, quality control, distribution, sales and forecasting, SMBs can make faster business decisions and respond more quickly to market needs.
Consider the success of Hawaiian Tropic, suncare products manufacturer and a long-term IDS Scheer customer. “With ARIS SmartPath, we’ve improved our inventory turn by 26 percent over the last year,” says Steve Swanson, Vice President of Information Technology. “An integrated view of the business increases our visibility into inventory, production and financial activities, allowing us to make faster business assessments and respond swiftly and more personally to customer needs.”

Meeting FDA and EDI requirements

The built-in EDI transaction capabilities of ARIS SmartPath for cosmetics supports the most common EDI standards. This facilitates communication with suppliers and distributors, significantly decreases EDI implementation costs and speeds up EDI deployments.
“When you’re dealing with large retail chains, there are certain documents that have to be sent through EDI,” says John Haddad, managing director for IDS Scheer. “Walmart’s standards are going to be different to Costco’s standards. ARIS SmartPath helps distribution departments make the EDI portion work smoothly.”
To avoid costly recalls and time-to-market delays, ARIS SmartPath provides a pre-configured FDA validation roadmap, which maintains and tracks quality control requirements in SAP — from procurement and manufacturing to storage and sales processes.

World-class capabilities, streamlined costs

The ARIS SmartPath solution provides sophisticated, world-class capabilities in a single, cost-effective, low-risk, ready-to-use package. It’s perfect for companies where committing finances and personnel to inventory tracking and process flows can be overwhelming. In fact, IDS Scheer delivers the mySAP All-in-One solution for a fixed cost and fixed timeline. Rapid implementation means up to 30 percent less time and 40 percent lower cost than traditional approaches. Further, SMBs can invest once and expand the scalable solution as the future unfolds.
“SMBs don’t have the time or the money for long implementation cycles,” says Haddad. “So, the ARIS SmartPath solution, which is based on SAP best business practices, allows them to get the same power of SAP that other huge CPG companies have. They don’t get a watered-down version of SAP. They get the same functionality as large enterprises, tailored to SMB needs for a powerful, scalable solution that will grow with them.”
IDS Scheer incorporated valuable customer feedback into the solution development cycle to ensure the resulting ARIS SmartPath solution addressed the most pressing SMB requirements. “We went to executives and asked them what keeps them up at night. Is it managing order processing channels? Is it global inventory visibility? Then, we built on top of mySAP All-in-One to create a packaged solution targeted to those needs,” Haddad explains.

An on-going partnership

From initial implementation and beyond, IDS Scheer works closely with SMBs to fully leverage the solution for business advantage. As an SAP partner for over 20 years, IDS Scheer brings significant experience and expertise to every implementation, greatly reducing the risks involved. IDS Scheer also understands the unique needs of SMBs.
“We are an SME ourselves and we use SAP solutions to run our own business,” says Haddad. “The expertise and experience we bring to every customer makes the difference between just installing the software and having a host of resources behind it to help leverage its success.”
“Implementation is only the first step,” adds Haddad. “We really never leave your side. We walk you through licenses and offer different levels of application support. We approach each company with the idea of being a partner for life. That’s why we offer our customers continuous support through our application support center.”
As a result, IDS Scheer customers get an in-depth, working knowledge of SAP technology, which makes them more comfortable moving forward – knowledge that can help cosmetics SMBs compete face-to-face with industry giants.
To learn more about ARIS SmartPath for Consumer Products/Cosmetics, call +1-404-531-5100 and visit:
www.ids-scheer.com/sme/sap/ or www.sap.com/solutions/smb/allinone/prepackagedsolutions/ids_cosmetics.aspx
For more information about mySAP All-in-One solutions for SMBs: www.sap.com/solutions/smb/allinone/index.aspx

Jean Rogers
Jean Rogers