Driving the Expansion of SAP NetWeaver Partner Ecosystem

Prior to joining SAP, Paolini launched and directed a similar initiative at Sun Microsystems and is credited with turning Java into the world’s largest third-party developer community. “The next wave of enterprise computing will enable companies to quickly adapt their business models and implement new strategies that take advantage of rapidly changing business dynamics,” said Shai Agassi, executive board member, SAP. “SAP is leading this charge with SAP NetWeaver and the scalability, breadth and openness of our platform represents an enormous business opportunity for independent software vendors and other partners. George Paolini has the talent and depth of experience necessary to take our ecosystem-building efforts to the next level – to create and execute on a business model that will generate significant opportunities for SAP partners.”
“SAP NetWeaver is today’s platform leader because it brings together applications and integration technology in a true ‘applistructure’ approach, driving new levels of flexibility and ease of integration to customers,” said Paolini. “Thousands of customers are already adopting SAP NetWeaver and leveraging these advantages. At the same time, I feel strongly about the tremendous value of partners who will use our platform for building and enhancing their products.”

Source: SAP AG