Face Up To The Future with SAP Solutions for the Utilities Industry

The Fifth SAP International Utilities Conference 2005, February 23-25, in Vienna, Austria, provided electricity, gas, and water utilities with valuable information for optimizing business strategies in the areas of energy generation and transmission; water exploitation, preparation, and transport; and distribution, meter operation, and retail services.
At the conference, you could hear leading analyses and insights into different utilities markets, and see presentations of customer solutions from around the globe. Attendees learned how SAP is translating market forces, such as deregulation, asset and service delivery optimization, environmental performance, and competitive differentiation, into effective business solutions with SAP for Utilities. And they found out more about the next generation of utilities solutions powered by mySAP ERP and the SAP NetWeaver platform, the integration and application platform from SAP. Now, you can take advantage of the Best of SAP International Utilities Conference 2005 which makes a wide variety of keynotes and topical presentations from this valuable event available as Webcast replays, complete with downloadable slides and transcripts.
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Source: SAP AG