IDS Scheer AG Supports Initiative D21 with ARIS Licenses

As part of Initiative D21, IDS Scheer AG, under the slogan ARIS@school, will provide the vocational schools in the three federal states of Berlin, Bremen and Schleswig-Holstein with ARIS software free of charge. This is the most up-to-date business software for modeling and displaying business processes. The project is worth about 80,000 euros per school. This commitment by the international software and consultancy company represents another milestone in the support of Initiative D21. Dr. Wolfram Jost, the responsible Member of the Executive Board and Head of the Product Division at IDS Scheer AG, said: “This commitment proves that IDS Scheer is taking its obligations to the national Initiative D21 seriously. Vocational schools should soon have the opportunity to become familiar with process modeling so that they can put business thinking into practise even during practical training.”
It will be useful in particular for industrial businessmen, IT professionals and FOS (technical college) information system students. Process design is already included in courses in vocational schools. What formerly had to be created by hand long-windedly based on event-driven process chains, can now be done with the most modern business software and used practically by the trainees. By using this in practise students will gain a better understanding of processes and their relevance in business management. The course for industrial businessmen expressly provides for market orientated business processes for an industrial operation to be recorded and displayed using suitable IT aids. With the so-called ARIS start up package, ARIS can not only be used in lessons in vocational schools, the world market leading software for business process modeling is also available for study seminars for lecturers at vocational schools.

Source: IDS Scheer AG