SAP Accelerates Claims Processing for Capita Insurance Services

“With the integration of SAP, we anticipate major productivity boosts resulting in not only improved customer service levels but also significant cost efficiencies,” said Sal Laher, IT director, Capita Insurance Services. “The flexibility of SAP Claims Management allows us to easily adapt our claims business processes to the unique requirements of our clients. Capita is the first in the UK insurance industry to adopt such a system. In addition to processing customer claims more quickly and reliably, with SAP we have a compelling proposition that sets a new standard for the industry.”
Capita’s primary objective with the deployment was to accelerate claims processing by improving information availability. Powered by the SAP NetWeaver platform, SAP’s insurance industry-specific solution is enabling Capita to source value-added information via customer portals and a data warehouse for management information. With SAP Claims Management, Capita now has a single, integrated solution to better meet the increasingly diverse requirements of insurance clients while allowing for greater efficiencies and a reduced cost base for insurance customers.
Capita employees have gained an integrated desktop solution to manage workflow from start to finish. Staff also benefit from powerful customer relationship management and business intelligence tools to collect, combine and analyze all relevant information needed to help resolve claims more effectively. The solution has enabled Capita to support its evolving business processes across the entire claims life cycle from notification through to settlement.
“SAP is helping fast-movers such as Capita Insurance Services quickly gain the industry-specific and customer-focused capabilities they need to stay ahead in the insurance business,” said Leo Schneider, senior vice president of the Insurance business unit, SAP AG. “While quickly deployable to deliver benefits from the outset, SAP for Insurance provides insurance companies with a strategic platform to drive immediate business performance returns and grow to scale for the long term.”

Source: SAP AG