SAP Enhances SAP NetWeaver with New Capabilities

Co-developed with Redwood Software, the embedded capabilities can be extended to manage job scheduling and monitoring for non-SAP applications. These capabilities have been installed by more than 400 companies worldwide, including Belgian customer Basell Polyolefins Company N.V., the world’s largest producer of polypropylene products.
Executives at Basell Polyolefins Company looked at best possible scenarios to integrate SAP NetWeaver into its IT landscape without interrupting existing business processes. In addition, the company needed SAP NetWeaver to be flexible enough to meet the business requirements of its 5,000 SAP end users. SAP NetWeaver’s job scheduling and monitoring capabilities helped Basell Polyolefins Company to achieve this level of integration and flexibility without losing a day of work. In addition, the company was able to move away from the time-driven batch processing software currently in place to more dynamic event-driven process automation that would cover the entire IT landscape.
“We chose SAP NetWeaver’s new pre-integrated job scheduling capabilities because its event-driven process automation technology allows us to improve operational efficiency and remain agile and competitive in our market,” said Thomas Dillenberger, Basell SAP Basis Specialist. SAP will continue to enhance these capabilities together with Redwood Software as well as create new and open interfaces that can be leveraged by other partners.

Source: SAP AG