SAP Helps Customers Accelerate the Move Toward Services-Oriented Architecture

Companies today are being challenged to implement a flexible IT infrastructure that supports on-going business process change and innovation in a fast-paced business environment where agility is essential. SAP’s Enterprise Services Architecture, first introduced in 2003 as SAP’s blueprint for a business-driven approach to SOA, addresses this need by providing companies a plan for better aligning business and IT through services-based, enterprise-scale solutions and flexible IT infrastructures. The ESA Adoption Program now helps companies easily create and implement a tailored ESA environment that leverages the power of Web services. The program includes four key steps to support a customer’s transition to ESA including:
1. Grasping the vision through ESA opportunity workshops and total cost of ownership (TCO) discovery sessions
2. Building a tailored road map based upon individual customer needs
3. Implementing the offering and going live
4. Harnessing the value of ESA while effectively managing change.
At each step, SAP provides customers with a portfolio of field-tested support services, which encompass a variety of tools, templates, samples and workshops tailored to address separate needs of each organization. These services include an ESA and SAP NetWeaver vision value session, TCO discovery session, ESA enabling road-map workshop and an ESA operations session on governance and security to support their enhanced IT environment. The ESA Adoption Program is offered as an adjunct to SAP’s already-available software solutions that are built upon the industry’s leading integration and application platform, SAP NetWeaver. Shipping to customers since 2003, SAP NetWeaver provides a foundation for the orderly transition to a services-based approach, for both SAP and non-SAP customers, while at the same time offering a powerful array of user productivity, business analytics and integration technologies designed to drive down operational expenses and empower companies to better address business challenges. Together, the SAP NetWeaver platform and the new tools available in the ESA Adoption Program provide a powerful combination of solutions and services that are immediately available to help companies plan and initiate their migration to ESA.
SAP is helping customers with the move toward a services-based approach by building into its software solutions an evolutionary and orderly migration to ESA. Rather than force customers to take a revolutionary approach (by ripping out and replacing their systems investments for new tools, applications and platforms), SAP solutions are service-enabled by being built upon the SAP NetWeaver platform, leveraging the convergence of applications and integration technologies in a true “applistructure” approach. SAP continues to evolve SAP NetWeaver into a Business Process Platform that will provide a set of ready-to-use enterprise services as well as the infrastructure to deploy and manage enterprise services and to create composite applications. The Business Process Platform will become the enabler of true business flexibility, helping customers realize further returns on their IT investments.
“SOA initiatives can trigger a fundamental shift in the way organizations develop, deploy and manage their software landscape,” said Sandra Rogers, director of SOA and Web Services Research, IDC. “Education, coordination and support across the enterprise is essential as companies seek to optimize their business processes and IT assets. Understanding and addressing the many layers of interdependencies and relationships will allow organizations to map out where to best leverage the ultimate value of creating a comprehensive SOA.”

Partners Benefit from ESA Adoption

SAP partners also benefit from the program as they are able to increase their value and grow their business with next-generation services. The ESA Adoption Program provides a blueprint and tools for an evolutionary transition of their SAP customers’ overall IT landscapes by providing the necessary means to increase service delivery capabilities along core enterprise business processes. The program leverages SAP’s ecosystem to continually enhance best practices and create road maps that drive IT strategy and project plans. For large systems integrators (SIs), the ESA Adoption Program complements existing consulting offerings by providing a well-structured set of services, allowing for a faster building of the IT road map. For smaller SIs, it also enriches delivery capabilities with high-value services, such as IT consulting strategies and long-term project planning.
“Our customers and partners have been looking for a practical approach to transforming IT infrastructures into powerful enablers of business agility and change,” said Shai Agassi, president of the Product and Technology group and member of the executive board, SAP. “The ESA Adoption Program helps these companies leverage the unique flexibility of a services- oriented architecture through SAP NetWeaver. SAP is leading the charge to help companies create adaptive IT landscapes that quickly reflect changes in business processes and support the areas of business that create the greatest differentiation and value.”

Source: SAP AG