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Change is afoot in the apparel and footwear industry. Today, companies live or die by their ability to stay on top of fashion trends and ahead of the supply curve. Metamor developed Quickwear, a mySAP All-in-One solution, so small and midsize apparel and footwear companies can deliver “what’s new and what’s now” styles in the most flexible, efficient, cost-effective way.
Quickwear enables companies to stay in control of the industry’s worldwide supply complex and on top of markets around the world while maximizing productivity with the integration and automation of business operations. Modules include planning, manufacturing, sales, distribution, inventory control, sourcing, customer service, warehousing, EDI and finance.
So it’s not just about hanger appeal anymore. Today, all of the profitability pressure points demand modern technology to manage data, impose greater control, make better decisions and keep pace with inevitable change. Quickwear provides apparel and footwear companies with best-in-class solutions to play by the industry’s dynamic rules and come out on top, more competitive and more profitable.
“With the playing field changing so dramatically and so rapidly, we know that small and midsize businesses are hard pressed to get on board with the state-of-the-art technology they need to stay competitive,” says Metamor vice president Michael Donnelly, adding that many small and midsize apparel and footwear companies are family-owned and tend to view IT as an overhead expense. “IT is not a core competency for these companies,” observes Donnelly. “It’s actually a headache to them, given the fast pace of business and technology change.“

The shoe fits, and it’s ready to wear

While ERP software certainly addresses many issues, the apparel and footwear industry itself is ill prepared to handle the challenges many ERP solutions pose. Typically companies don’t have technical resources to implement, deploy and manage highly complex, fully integrated ERP systems. Not only that, the high cost of deploying and maintaining complex systems while attempting to thrive as a profitable business entity presents a major hurdle.
In short, small and midsize apparel and footwear companies are at a perfect point for the pre-configured, fixed price and fixed timeline mySAP All-in-One Quickwear solution. With Quickwear, they leverage the power of the world’s standard of excellence in ERP, SAP AFS (Apparel and Footwear Solution), scaled to meet the current and growing needs of companies of their size.
“Fortunately we’ve worked with SAP for many years on the SAP AFS Apparel and Footwear Solution, so we had a clear picture of how to scale it to meet SMB needs,” says Donnelly. “With Quickwear, these companies gain the significant advantages of industry-leading SAP AFS capabilities, pre-packaged to meet their time and resource constraints while minimizing their risk with a fixed fee.”

Capabilities beyond seat-of-the-pants management

As a pre-packaged mySAP All-in-One solution, there’s no need for internal development time. Designed as a pre-configured template for fast implementation, Quickwear can be up and running quickly, typically within 20 weeks at a fixed cost. Metamor makes it easy for companies to have their Quickwear solution implemented either on their own hardware or on hosted hardware with remote call center support.
Quickwear handles the complex style-color-size-dimension and pre-pack requirements unique to the industry. It supplies the full range of tools needed for sales and distribution, MRP and forecasting, allocation runs, financial management, and reporting.
It not only addresses the logistical needs of the industry worldwide, such as sales and distribution, materials management and production planning and execution, it also seamlessly integrates financial, controlling, and all supply chain elements to guarantee up-to-the-minute information at the push of a button. Unlike most niche solutions, this fully integrated, “one-stop shop approach” also delivers a single version of the truth at all times to all users.
Quickwear meets the needs for an out-of-the-box solution. It offers a comprehensive and comprehensible pre-determination for the business issues to be addressed, synching with the user’s expectations and understanding. From the outset, Metamor establishes the project scope and the final solution to be deployed, with the use of predefined parameters, templates, forms and reports. Metamor also provides the level of training and support required for each individual situation.

Outfitted to meet industry challenges

Quickwear enables customers to implement efficient management processes and respond quickly to market demand. “Our company is growing at a rapid pace and we needed an ERP system that could handle our present needs but also be able to support our future endeavors – migration from a small legacy and PC application to a fully integrated logistics and financial system,” says Killik Datta, CEO of Global Brand Marketing, Inc. (GBMI), a US $60 million company at the time of deployment.
Metamor developed and delivered an appropriately scaled system for GBMI in a five-month timeframe, an accomplishment that led to the development of the fixed cost and fixed timeframe mySAP All-in-One Quickwear solution.
SAP AFS users have documented large, quantifiable returns on their investments, such as:

  • Customer order ship time reduced from 5 days to 1 day
  • Inventory reduced by 15 percent
  • Sales increased by 2 percent
  • Credit staff reduced by 50 percent
  • Inventory turns increased by 20 percent
  • Inventory days of supply reduced by 28.8 days
  • On-time orders shipped increased by 86-92 percent
  • Finished goods inventory accuracy increased by 8 percent
  • Closeout merchandise reduced by 50 percent
  • Chargebacks reduced significantly

“The Quickwear license delivers the entire SAP AFS solution set,” says Donnelly. “It can scale to meet growing needs, with additional functionality to meet the requirements of expansion, so it really is the last ERP solution a company will ever buy.”
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Christine Macfarlane
Christine Macfarlane