CIBER Novasoft Expands Its Expertise In Russia

In terms of sales, Ultra Star is currently the third largest retail chain in the mobile telephony sector and is also active as a wholesaler for telecom products, car and security systems, and a successful provider of guarantee and service processing for telecom products. The heterogeneous old systems had to migrate to a single new one, and the processes in the various different business units standardized for the new system, which is based on SAP R/3 Release 4.7. Today, Ultra Star already enjoys greater transparency in its business processes and thus a better basis for decision-making in order to successfully implement its strategy for growth. Ingo Windshügel, project manager responsible, summarizes the project by saying: “It was a special challenge given the breadth of the company’s work processes. We had to consider the requirements for wholesaling, retailing, and services all at once and track these in SAP.”
Today, Ultra Star already reports higher client satisfaction owing to enhanced delivery capacities and better service. CIBER Novasoft has already handled countless projects in the challenging Russian market. Wolfgang Lehmann, MD of CIBER Novasoft’s company in Russia believes the success with the Ultra Star project confirms the validity of CIBER Novasoft’s strategy for Russia. “Our experience with the local challenges as well as the combination of our expertise in the telecom and retail segments played a decisive part in the success of the Ultra Star projects,” Lehmann states. “There are clear differences between the German and the Russian market. The challenge is to productively adjust the potential offered by SAP solutions both to the specifics of the Russian market and to the particular requirements of the company in question. This is a point both Russian and Western companies who are expanding in the Russian market have to address,” Lehmann continues. “There is an omnipresent motivation to expand in Russia and most corporations have not yet gained much experience in the changes and the time inputs required to introduce a new ERP system. For this reason, consultants working in the Russian market need to have not only specialist knowledge but also strong social skills,” he concludes.

Source: CIBER Novasoft