itelligence Presents EDI Converter Using SAP Exchange Infrastructure

EDIFACT messages include electronically standardized bills, orders, order confirmations or bills of delivery. itelligence AG’s new offering meets the demand of the classical and upper mid-market for cost-effective access to all NetWeaver functions with EDIFACT messages. Security and flexibility take center stage with this solution. All processing stages are logged in detail for both incoming and outgoing EDIFACT messages. The it.x-change solution, which is fully integrated into SAP XI, also makes it possible to process types of information that differ from the EDIFACT standard in terms of structure and semantics.
itelligence AG is supplementing this offering with a versatile service package. From the introduction and customization of the solution to computer center operation, itelligence EDI provides a one-stop solution. The performance range covers, for example, the implementation of new business processes such as order amendment, order confirmation in SAP Exchange Infrastructure (XI) or the implementation of communication profiles for the EDI data exchange with the communication partner and changing types of message. itelligence also provides computer center operation on a central server platform for the small mid-market.

Source: itelligence AG