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Kian Macrae started Bandito’s in 1994, cooking up the very first pot of delicious Bandito’s chilli sauce on the balcony of a Johannesburg apartment. It was a very personal and homely beginning for this hot new property. Selling initially at flea markets in recycled tequila bottles, the fiery and flavorful sauce took off with the best kind of marketing – word of mouth.
It took Bandito’s Chile Company of South Africa just six short years to grow from a tiny cottage industry into a dynamic international company with a big – and increasing – demand for its seriously addictive chilli products. A mySAP All-in-One solution would assist in heating up Bandito’s local and international success.

Fanning the flames of demand

Bandito’s likes to say that its Mexican-inspired sauces, relishes and snacks are “made south of Mexico in Africa.” It seems to have tapped into a previously unmet demand for Mexican flavors to give added “oomph” to traditional foods like barbecue, or “braai” as it is known in South Africa. And the products are taking awards at international food shows, including winning “Best Habañero Sauce” at the Brisbane Fiery Food Show.
“It’s exciting to be expanding so rapidly, both locally and internationally,” says Macrae, now Bandito’s Managing Director. “And to manage new challenges that come with fast expansion, we needed to improve our overall management of the business, from finance and materials management to inventory management. We also needed better coordination of our production schedules and a way to streamline our sales and distribution strategies.”
In a scenario to warm the hearts of advertising execs everywhere, Macrae was inspired by an SAP billboard to inquire about an SAP solution. He engaged SCT Services, a South African company and a mySAP All-in-One solution partner with extensive SAP expertise and a strong history in meeting the specific needs of small and midsize consumer product goods (CPG) companies.
SCT Services CEO Victor van der Watt says, “We gladly accepted the challenge to help Bandito’s overcome some key corporate ‘pains’ typical to many small businesses: Manual product tracking that was slow and inaccurate, inadequate inventory control, a lack of integrated, timely reporting, and a very slow month-end close.”

No time to simmer

Because Bandito’s runs a very lean operation, it was vitally important for SCT to provide a fully integrated solution within a fixed scope, controlled cost, and fast implementation timeline. Fast, well-managed deployment was also very important to minimize disruption of Bandito’s workflow.
Understanding this, SCT Services delivered the mySAP All-in-One SCT Consumer Products Powered by SAP solution. Bandito’s gained the power of a world-class SAP business solution designed specifically for CPG companies and based on industry best practices, preconfigured with built-in content, tools, and methodologies for a cost-effective, turnkey implementation and out-of-the-box productivity.
SCT was able to implement the solution in just 10 days – a key success factor for a small business such as Bandito’s that needed a fast track to benefits.
“SCT Services specializes in staging a solution off site, completely preconfiguring it for the customer,” comments van der Watt. “Then, we move forward quickly with on-site installation, support and training for the user community so they can come up to speed quickly to leverage solution benefits.”

The whole enchilada

The integrated mySAP All-in-One solution includes production planning, finance and administration, materials management, and sales and distribution modules. With a comprehensive view into the business, Bandito’s will be able to plan its supply chain and manufacturing processes with much greater precision than it could with the previous system.
As a result, today the new mySAP All-in-One solution is helping Bandito’s become leaner and more efficient than ever before. It is able to ship more of its growing lines of sauces, relishes and snacks out the door than previously possible.
“Our sauces are not for the faint-hearted. But there seem to be a lot of bold palates out there. And because we’re in the food business, we strive to deliver wholesome, safe and appealing products. SCT Services spoke our language and understood that we’re obsessed with quality. Our new mySAP All-in-One solution will help us track goods through the facility to the marketplace and provide customers with extremely high-quality, flavorful products,” says Macrae.
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Christine Macfarlane
Christine Macfarlane