Promise 100 Percent and Deliver 110 Percent

Earth is moving under construction management companies, with mergers and acquisitions being the order of the day. Shakeout in the industry will initiate natural selection. Those not able to adapt and compete will become marginalized – or extinct.
The survivors will be the ones promising 100 percent and delivering 110 percent, giving their customers the results they need and an experience that will trigger referrals, recommendations and repeat business. et alia CREW does the heavy lifting, delivering a real-time integrated view into the projects, people and performance that determine profitability for growth-oriented, emerging construction management companies.

Building on strength

Built on the mySAP Business Suite and tailored for the construction industry, et alia CREW incorporates 30 years of SAP experience and 20 years in the construction industry. et alia, a Vertical Solution Reseller and SAP Business Partner, recently received the SAP Best Practices Award for Solution Development, which recognized the partner that delivered the most innovative, high-quality mySAP All-in-One solution for 2004. In 2004, et alia CREW for Construction was that solution.
“et alia’s industry experience powered by mySAP is a combination that will give contractor-based companies a more efficient way to compete and manage projects,” says Brad Nicolaisen, president, et alia. “et alia CREW integrates current business practices while finally giving these companies web-based portals and executive dashboards to manage their businesses anywhere, anytime.”
et alia transfers these strengths to its customers, delivering out-of-the box, robust solutions tailored to specific needs. Fixed-price projects start at $300,000, depending on organizational complexities and size. And they can be implemented in a fixed timeframe of around 20 weeks.

One magnificent toolbox

et alia CREW addresses the major challenges that small and midsize construction management companies face and provides the tools for overcoming them. It gives people the right tools to do their work well. And it integrates tools and systems effectively to ensure profitable performance.
From field workers through executive management, et alia CREW provides appropriate tools that range from very basic user functions to complex executive-level reporting. Functions include time and expense entry and approvals, project management, billing, and executive financial reporting. et alia CREW also enhances recruiting, skill qualifications, staffing and customer relationship management efforts.
A major part of the et alia CREW value lies in overcoming disparate, bolt-on, custom-coded, legacy systems that cannot be successfully integrated to work efficiently. et alia CREW provides an affordable, comprehensive, fully integrated solution that consolidates all business operations.
In addition, it establishes data integrity through its ability to use a single solution for all aspects of business operations. Through et alia CREW, real-time, relevant, and accurate project data, whether it is regarding billable, non-billable or internal initiatives, is accessible by all key individuals from multiple locations. It puts an end to information silos. Everybody works from the same information – the same information a company’s CPA wants to see.
A single data repository and an abundance of pre-configured reports give management a depth and breadth of reporting capabilities never before available, making it possible to manage every detail of every project for maximum profitability.
et alia knows that margins cannot support material delays, resource constraints (capital, people, materials and equipment) or poor project planning. With access to real-time actual project costs throughout project lifecycles, from initial bid to project completion, companies have the tools they need for accurate financial insight and precise decision-making.

Preparing for growth

With tightly integrated modules for project management, financials and controlling, logistics, human resources and customer relations, et alia CREW is engineered to support unlimited growth. It provides a single, centralized solution that is accessible remotely at any time, from anywhere, for on-the-go flexibility.
California-based Pacific Comtel, an emerging communications technology company that designs, installs, and maintains telephony and data networks with copper and fiber cabling, uses et alia CREW to manage its business. “The et alia CREW solution serves as our corporate dashboard to determine the true costs of projects, sales efforts, marketing, and human resources,” says Bill Delgado, CEO of Pacific Comtel. “This will allow us to remain competitive, executing lean and precisely, while delivering increased service quality to our customers.”
“With et alia CREW our customers can manage their goals and deliver on their promises,” adds Nicolaisen. “The foundation has been laid for small and midsize contractor-based companies to take advantage of powerful software that was recently only available to cash-heavy competitors.”

Delivering value on time, on budget

et alia offers its CREW solution through a four-stage ASAP implementation methodology that enables a fixed-price, out-of-the-box solution to go live in around 20 weeks.
Some of the key elements that customers rave about include:

  • Seamless, automatic integration between time and expense entry through invoicing based on labor, materials and expenses
  • Remote Internet capabilities to enter time and expenses
  • Separate income statements for every project
  • Just-in-time ordering of materials based on project schedules, ultimately reducing on-hand inventory
  • Fully integrated HR processing with financials and material management
  • Skills management of internal and external resources to staff projects effectively
  • Project analytics, including resource utilization, qualification matches, project status and resource profitability
  • Seamless integration of customer relationship management and other functions

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