SAP Extends Safe Passage Program

Initially launched in January for “joint” customers running SAP solutions and PSFT or JDE solutions, the newly extended SAP Safe Passage Program is designed for all Oracle customers running PSFT / JDE software. The offering provides companies with a “safe passage” from the uncertainties caused by the acquisition of those software companies by Oracle and a clear road map to the next generation of business software. SAP announced that its SAP America, Inc. subsidiary has begun a focused marketing and sales campaign for businesses concerned about the challenges of facing the eventual sunset of their existing PSFT / JDE solutions; the migration to yet-developed, future Oracle offerings; and disruptions from the integration of multiple platforms, technologies and corporate cultures faced by their current solution provider.
As part of the program, SAP America subsidiary TomorrowNow, Inc., the leading third-party provider of software maintenance services for PSFT and JDE customers, is launching an intensive customer recruitment campaign, offering significantly lower cost maintenance alternatives to Oracle customers running PSFT / JDE solutions. Delivered through more than 70,000 direct mail solicitations to executive and IT management personnel, the program provides maintenance alternatives to higher-priced Oracle support and the comfort and flexibility for companies to plan maintenance and software migration strategies at their own pace at an affordable price. “PeopleSoft and JD Edwards customers are facing the planned obsolescence of their software investment, and this is a major point of concern for companies that have already been forced to weather the takeover storm by Oracle,” said Bill McDermott, president and CEO, SAP America. ”Customers have a mandate to grow their businesses now. They are quickly realizing the risk associated with waiting until 2008 or beyond to see if the merged software code of multiple companies can actually result in a viable product. The SAP Safe Passage offering gives companies an affordable way to protect their current investments, ease integration with SAP NetWeaver and begin the process of innovating their businesses today.”
SAP said its second wave of the Safe Passage Program will include an independent executive analyst report detailing the considerable challenges created by Oracle’s integration of multiple tools sets, platforms, applications and corporate cultures. SAP’s package also includes an offer to discuss how SAP can help businesses protect their existing investments financially, gain reliable service as they plan their strategy, leverage today’s available SAP solutions and set a clear path to the next generation of solutions easily and affordably. The next wave of the Safe Passage campaign also includes personalized invitations for customers to attend SAP Business Forum events scheduled this spring in selected cities (see below). SAP also announced that its field sales force was continuing its direct sales contacts with these customers, especially in key industry segments. SAP sales personnel will discuss Safe Passage and offer invitations to other SAP events, including its SAPPHIRE customer conference, being held May 17 to 19 in Boston.

Safe Passage: Support, Investment Protection, Integration and Next-generation Road Map

Under the SAP Safe Passage Program, organizations running PSFT and JDE will be able to quickly extend their IT infrastructure with the SAP NetWeaver platform, which includes available connectors for JD Edwards and PeopleSoft solutions. As a result, these organizations will benefit from an integration of their entire IT landscape with one open platform that enables flexible business processes across the entire company. Customers will gain the benefit of SAP NetWeaver by licensing mySAP ERP, SAP’s best-in-class ERP solution, or any other solution in mySAP Business Suite. License terms will provide for substantial recognition of the value of PSFT and JDE software licenses, providing companies with the additional comfort of investment protection. SAP solutions today provide customers with applications powered by SAP NetWeaver, the leading platform first introduced in 2003. Today’s available SAP solutions provide customers with a clear road map for the implementation of Enterprise Services Architecture – a services-oriented approach that will help maximize business flexibility and drive new levels of business innovation and growth.

TomorrowNow Provides Alternatives to Oracle PSFT / JDE Customers

TomorrowNow’s targeted campaign for PSFT and JDE companies offers proven third-party support services for customers interested in dramatically reducing maintenance expenses, in some cases up to 50 percent below what they are paying today. The TomorrowNow Support Services offering includes the following benefits:

  • Named primary support engineer for each account;
  • 24 x 7 service with 30-minute response time;
  • Application fixes for serious issues for 10 years;
  • Tax and regulatory updates for up to 10 years and;
  • Update support and fixes for 10 years; and.
  • Longer support periods with no mandated updates for up to 10 years.

“Every Oracle PeopleSoft / JD Edwards customer is currently facing the reality that their current software will be replaced with a new solution, and TomorrowNow’s services provide peace of mind and significant cost savings for companies which need time to consider their options,” said Andrew J. Nelson, president and CEO, TomorrowNow, Inc. “PeopleSoft customers should not feel forced to pre-fund Oracle’s latest development attempt with 20 to 22 percent in today’s maintenance dollars when a proven support alternative exists from TomorrowNow at half the cost. Our marketing campaign is designed to inform these customers of their options and serves as an additional option for customers beyond the complete migration offerings within Safe Passage.”
About SAP Business Forums – PeopleSoft / JD Edwards Customers Invited SAP Business Forums feature presentations from SAP experts and customers, who explain how technology can transform companies into adaptive businesses. Held in key geographic markets across the United States, SAP Business Forums are an ideal opportunity for Oracle customers running PSFT and JDE solutions to interact with peer companies and hear firsthand from SAP management regarding migration strategies. Special programs will be offered to provide details on the options available through the Safe Passage Program. There is no charge for attendance at SAP Business Forums for Oracle customers. SAP Business Forums have already been conducted in San Jose, New York, Houston and Atlanta. The next SAP Business Forums are scheduled in Philadelphia (April 6) and Detroit (April 12).
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Source: SAP AG