SAP Sets New Standards for Business Process Outsourcing

Under the “BPO Services Powered by SAP” program, SAP endorses and actively supports the set up and ongoing operations of BPO delivery platforms in close collaboration with leading BPO providers, including ACS, ADP Inc., EDS and LogicaCMG, as initial program partners for the Human Resources Outsourcing Segment. These platforms, which are based upon the latest versions of SAP’s best-in-class solutions and deployed in a cost-effective and standard way, enable companies to benefit from process automation and innovation when outsourcing human resources or other administrative processes. The announcement was made in conjunction with HRO World, a leading human resources and outsourcing show being held in New York, N.Y., April 12-14.
Companies around the globe are increasingly looking to outsource administrative business functions, allowing them to focus more on their core competencies and to free up valuable resources to drive growth and innovation. Compared to standard business process outsourcing, “BPO Services Powered by SAP” includes a unique combination of SAP’s long-term viability as a partner and experience in providing innovative business solutions with complementary services from leading BPO providers. Together, these components provide exceptionally low risk, cut transition and operations costs and improve standardization of quality business processes. “For Procter & Gamble, outsourcing parts of our human resources organization was a strategic move to further deploy state-of-the-art processes and related technology in order to better serve our internal customers,” said Luigi Pierleoni, HR director, Procter & Gamble. “Also in BPO, the best-practice business processes embedded in SAP technology make it a key differentiator for us today and in meeting the challenges of tomorrow.”
SAP’s services-oriented architecture, powered by the SAP NetWeaver platform, makes it easier for companies to move non-core business processes outside the enterprise while retaining full control of information and workflows in a seamless, tightly integrated fashion. Delivering on a vision for services-oriented architecture, SAP’s road map for BPO is designed to enable customers to benefit from better and more consistent business process quality, lower overall cost and reduced risk related to BPO deployment, transition and operations. “Fortune 2000 companies are pursuing BPO as an opportunity to improve service levels and reduce costs in their sales, general and administration processes,” said Mark Hodges, chairman, EquaTerra. “Enterprise technology is a critical enabler of BPO. SAP, a leading provider of business software solutions, has a clear and articulate value proposition to provide BPO-ready solutions to leading outsourcing providers serving this dynamic market.” Peter Bendor-Samuel, president of The Everest Group, added, “Based on our research, clients are increasingly demanding sophisticated BPO services, and business solutions such as those from SAP are setting new standards for the industry by providing the right business process technology foundations.”

‘BPO Services Powered by SAP’ generates support from leading BPO vendors

As the leading provider of business software solutions, SAP is a well sought-after partner for leading BPO services providers. SAP is currently working closely with a growing number of companies for their business process expertise, SAP solution experience and quality performance on BPO projects. The dedicated services available to these companies include up-to-date support and state-of-the art operations competence, solution delivery and management support. Within the framework of this specific program, each of these companies provides respective expertise and services based on SAP solutions, and in particular for Human Resources Outsourcing:

  • ACS offers a full range of global human resources BPO services
  • ADP offers global payroll and human resources BPO services to multi-national enterprises
  • EDS offers global human resources BPO services
  • LogicaCMG offers international human resources management including payroll BPO services to multi-national companies

“We see an increasing need from our customers to respond to competitive pressure, globalization and business volatility by re-aligning and focusing their organizations,” said Léo Apotheker, member of the SAP Executive Board and president of Global Field Operations, SAP AG. “Companies want to leverage the full scope of service centralization and outsourcing options, while preserving the capability to eventually change providers or re-insource services. We are committed to supporting companies using BPO to fully leverage SAP solutions.”
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Source: SAP AG