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Intermec Technologies, well known for providing supply chain information products, services and systems to midmarket companies, is stepping up to the plate to partner with SAP once again. First up: Integrating automated data collection and RFID compliance into SAP Business One. Intermec’s EasyADC (Automatic Data Collection) for SAP Business One is a single integrated software and hardware solution for maximum visibility and real-time managerial control at every level of a company. With help from SAP and Intermec, the midmarket will be prepared to meet RFID challenges.
And just in time, according to Steve Banker, analyst director at ARC, a leading industry analyst firm. “While small and midsize businesses are critical links in manufacturing networks and the overall business ecosystem, there are serious issues that must be addressed before they can engage in this transforming technology,” says Banker. “The time is right for the vendor community to address this important segment of the market with cost-effective solutions, educational support and a clear road map of how midmarket companies can successfully make the transition to RFID.”

Start small and add

To many midmarket enterprises, RFID readiness may seem like a daunting task, a hurdle that requires expensive consultants and painful process changes. The Intermec EasyADC for SAP Business One platform will allow the midmarket to start small and add capabilities to participate in future RFID-enabled supply networks.
EasyADC for SAP Business One includes interface software and the necessary EasyADC hardware: two handheld terminals, one access point for wireless radio frequency communications, and one bar code printer capable of printing RFID-embedded labels.
It will give users barcode functions with the ability to upgrade to RFID:

  • Collecting and managing data from bar codes
  • Printing bar codes
  • Automatic inventory tracking, shipping and receiving
  • Ability to meet supplier mandates

EasyADC for SAP Business One will provide a seamless solution, one that’s easy to deploy, use and manage on a daily basis. This addresses common barriers to entry for midmarket organizations such as cost, complexity, limited IT staff and widespread process changes. And, like all Business One solutions, it is affordable and easy to implement.
In fact, Jeff Johnson, Intermec global alliance manager for midmarket initiatives says, “The EasyADC for Business One solution is very affordable. Not only that, it can be fully installed, including customer training, in less than two days.”

Partnering up to overcome RFID readiness obstacles

As part of the enablement effort, SAP is joining an midmarket industry advisory panel to discuss how to overcome obstacles to RFID adoption. Intermec will participate, as will American Express Tax and Business Services Inc, SoftBrands, maker of Fourth Shift, and APICS (The Association for Operations Management). The goal is to outline a series of actions that will help midmarket companies get on board with RFID. Together they will address promoting further research, developing educational materials, best practices, RFID road maps and other vehicles that show midmarket companies how and why they should adopt the technology.
“Through our relationship with SAP and Intermec, we have made SAP Business One – The American Express Edition for Wholesale Distribution – ready for the adoption of emerging RFID technologies,” says Charles J. Riess, Managing Director, American Express Tax and Business Services Inc. “We help midmarket companies meet the demands of a value chain that has RFID initiatives either in place or under consideration, by offering them a clear technological roadmap, together with educational tools, to support them every step of the way”.
“The recent integration of Fourth Shift with SAP Business One is already giving small to midsize manufacturers comprehensive and easy-to-use capabilities for managing a variety of manufacturing processes,” says Randy Tofteland, president and COO, SoftBrands. “We are now contributing an RFID implementation model to help the midmarket meet mandates from key distributors and customers, and to integrate RFID data into their businesses to capture the greatest return on their deployment.”

SAP exec wrote the book on deploying RFID

Continuing SAP’s visionary thought leadership tradition, SAP executive board member and business economist Claus Heinrich has just published a new book. It outlines SAP’s vision for next-generation business environment and technologies that will change how companies sense and respond to market dynamics in the near and distant future. RFID and Beyond: Growing Your Business through Real World Awareness provides commentary, analysis and a framework to help decision makers understand and deploy RFID technologies effectively.
“For 30 years, the entire IT industry has struggled to allow executives to run their businesses based on real-time information,“ says Bruce Richardson, senior vice president of Research Strategy, AMR Research. “RFID and Beyond shows how the last step in this long process is being achieved and how business will change as the result of it. This book is a vital guide for those who seek a deep understanding of these developments.”
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Christine Macfarlane
Christine Macfarlane