mySAP All-in-One Raises Customer Service Levels

As Australasia’s leading supplier to professional turf, public health and pest managers, Globe Australia understands the importance of reliable service. Since 1972, the company has been providing everything from fertilizers, chemicals, machinery and sprinklers to professional users. Headquartered in Sydney and with 10 other distribution locations, the company’s workforce of 75 supplies stock to customers throughout the country. According to John Peaty, Globe Australia chief executive officer, the company has enjoyed solid growth over many years, providing a comprehensive product line and backing it with strong customer service.
The company provides a mixture of domestically manufactured products and imported goods, making stock control a complex task. With multiple warehouses, monitoring inventory levels and ensuring all orders can be fulfilled quickly is difficult. According to Mr. Peaty, the company needed a flexible system that was able to provide real-time control and visibility as well as supporting a move toward greater use of e-commerce. “We wanted to maximize customer service through effective relationship management, inventory control and real-time reporting,” he commented.
The company’s existing core software applications had become increasingly expensive to maintain and required a lot of workarounds to ensure they were able to meet the company’s day-to-day requirements. After a detailed look at a range of software applications on the market, the company decided in early 2004 to replace its existing systems with mySAP All-In-One. “Before we made the decision to go with SAP, we spoke with a number of companies already using the software. This helped to convince us that it was what we were looking for,” said Mr. Peaty.
Together with partner Extend Technologies, Globe began scoping out the implementation of mySAP All-In-One in late May 2004. After two months of intensive work, the system went live on July 3. Mr. Peaty was impressed by SAP’s toolset and numerous accelerators, including business configuration sets, which helped to achieve the rapid implementation and ensured minimal disruption to the business. “The project is a success and that is due largely to the dedication of our staff and our partner Extend,” said Mr. Peaty. “They put in a lot of late nights and weekends to get us up and running.” While acknowledging some existing internal processes did have to be changed during the implementation process, Mr. Peaty is convinced that the end results have more than justified any alterations required.
The company has gone live with the mySAP All-In-One financials package and stock control modules and has integrated an existing payroll package into the SAP system. Staff training has been straightforward with the majority of users quickly coming to terms with the way new software functioned. “We now have more than 70 cost centers through the company where I can get a clear view of how things are going, and this makes a huge difference to the way we operate,” added Mr. Peaty. In his opinion, another key feature was SAP’s ability to provide a single view of how company operations were positioned in real time. For example, it is now possible to look at any orders not converted to invoices to see clearly what products were causing the hold up.
According to Mr. Peaty, the majority of Globe’s larger supply chain partners also use SAP software, and establishing links with their systems would further help to streamline procurement processes and improve efficiency and customer service. In the future, Globe is considering plans to equip its sales staff with wireless-enabled notebook computers or PDAs, providing them with remote, real-time access to the SAP system. “This will allow them to immediately log orders and check stock levels which, again, helps us improve our customer services levels. At the end of the day, that’s what it is all about for us,” concluded Peaty.