Oreck Selects SAP for Integrated Retail Business Management and Growth

SAP, the leading provider of enterprise software to retail companies, will help Oreck enhance customer sales and service, better manage and utilize information from its 600 retail stores across the country and integrate and improve business processes across Oreck’s retail and manufacturing business. New Orleans-based Oreck Corporation will deploy SAP for Retail in a phased rollout that will empower more than 1,200 Oreck executives, licensees and managers with capabilities powered by the SAP NetWeaver platform. The SAP implementation will align the manufacturing arm of the Oreck business, including its principal manufacturing facilities in Long Beach, Miss., with Oreck’s retail locations, e-commerce and direct marketing businesses. “Oreck will be able to serve consumers more effectively and track marketing, sales, manufacturing and inventory to continue to build Oreck’s growth,” said Tom Oreck, president, Oreck Corporation. “The new system will help Oreck anticipate and respond to consumer and business needs and trends.”
The company will enrich the Oreck customer experience with capabilities from mySAP Customer Relationship Management (mySAP CRM), including interaction center capabilities for service, sales and customer chat, and customer-facing tools that support e-commerce and direct marketing. SAP will enable Oreck to efficiently manage advertising and direct mail campaigns and assess returns and results through marketing analytics with capabilities for tracking individual sales and the effectiveness of each campaign activity. Integration of business operations will link retail stores to efficiently support inventory turns and store-level reporting. Oreck Web and Oreck retail store operations will be aligned to enable Web purchases to be picked up or exchanged at retail stores. Point-of-sales (POS) data management will enable Oreck to collect data and respond rapidly to emerging trends in its retail stores with retail analytics.
Oreck also will deploy mySAP ERP for financials and human capital management to fully enable real-time sense-and-respond capabilities across the enterprise. The solution suite from SAP also provides Oreck with capabilities for more efficiently executing across its supply chain and product life-cycle management activities. “SAP will help Oreck view and use real-time enterprise performance data to deliver sales growth, enhance the customer experience and improve inventory productivity,” said Jim McMurray, senior vice president, Retail, SAP. “With a combination of industry-leading vertical solutions and core business-management capabilities that can be implemented in a modular approach, SAP’s retail offerings provide the underpinnings to a long-term, successful IT strategy.”

Source: SAP AG